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Web Reminder Applications

Big Dates

Service that sends reminders via email or cell phone. Site also offers greeting card sales and gift resources.

Countdown Reminder

Provides a clock on the desktop or webpage for counting down days, hours, or minutes to an event or reminder.


Email reminder service providing alerts for upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions or important events.


Provides an email reminder service for special occasions and pre-order gifts to be shipped automatically when the event date arrives.


Free email reminder service offering yearly, monthly, weekly, and one-time reminder setup options.

Instant Reminders

Enables the scheduling of reminders days or months in advance and the setting up of recurring notifications. With password protection options.


Integrated web calendar and reminder service. Allows subscription to shared groups and the sending of reminders as email or SMS.


Allows a user to set up reminders for oneself, remind someone else, or enable someone to remind a user.


Simple email based task manager and reminder. Sends out persistent reminders throughout the duration of a task until it is done.

Reminder Guru

Personal reminder service that uses text, email or phone to send reminders of important items.

Send Me A Reminder

Web service and software designed to schedule reminders using artificial intelligence technology.


Simple and easy to use online reminding service enables the sending of reminders through email by specifying the email address, reminder notes, and time of sending.

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