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Web Bookmarking


Allows users to save a collection of web links and share them with others or keep them private. Links are presented as a list or can be viewed as a slide show. Also includes Firefox plug in.


Web based bookmark manager allowing users to easily organize their bookmarks. Site also features a list of most added links and popular sites.


System for literature bookmarks and lists sharing. Serves as a publication sharing system. Offers free registration.


Enables the bookmarking and sharing of websites through a downloadable browser button. Also offers a free web page for storing bookmarks.


Collaborative link management serviced based on sharing and key-word tagging.


Free tool providing users with quick access to favorite web services. Features a drag and drop interface.

Bookmark Reminder

Online bookmark storage service. Keeps track of sites or web pages visited and provides reminders to visit them again. Also displays last visit time on the top right portion of a web page.

Bookmark Tracker

Ad-free and secure web application for storing and organizing web bookmarks. Supports bookmark sharing and the synchronization of bookmarks in multiple computers or browsers.


Free online service that enables users to easily save and manage bookmarks or personal links that can either be shared or kept private.


Enables users to save and share web content as well as to connect people through information.


User powered social bookmarking site allowing users to determine the top stories in a number of categories.


Bookmarking tool with added enhancements such as note taking, collaborative research, and a personal learning network.


Online bookmarking service particularly created to serve the information needs and interests of developers.


Simple online bookmark organizing and tracking service. Allows users to maintain color-coded bookmarks in a password-protected page.


Online bookmark organizing service with a version specifically designed for use on mobile devices.

Feed Me Links

Social bookmarking service enables users to "open-source" their interests.


Service for webmasters intended for reducing visitor abandonment rates by providing site visitors the option to continue browsing a particular website or finish a certain online task from one platform to another.


Cloud based private bookmarking service, offers the ability to organise Internet content. https://www.facebook.com/goforbox goforbox


Online bookmark manager that allows users to upload and maintain bookmarks on the web accessible anywhere through a web browser.


Provides a "read later" bookmark that makes it easy to save websites for later reading on a desktop computer, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, or on paper.


Online favorites manager and web-based social bookmarking application. Features additional customizations, fast-loading lists, and synchronization.


Collaborative web bookmark and link blog manager enables public link tagging, annotation, and sorting.


Bookmarking tool focused on the social and aesthetic aspects of an online community and web sharing.


Online tool for bookmarking reference or resource sites, taking notes, and sharing notes with a group or to the rest of the world.


Free online service for creating and organizing web bookmarks that are accessible anywhere.


Advanced web bookmarking solution appearing as virtual sticky notes that can be placed on any part of a website and viewed in a consolidated interface for instant access to the sites for which notes have been made.


Online social bookmarking service with profiling, automatic vote, RSS feed, and API support features.


Online social bookmarking service. Provides organizing, tagging, saving, sharing, and password protection functions.


Simple online bookmarking service that automatically saves links posted on Twitter as bookmarks on various social bookmarking sites such as Delicio.us, Instapaper, and ReadItLater.


Photo bookmarking online tool. Saves original image URLs and supports the adding of tags.


Social bookmarking service specializing in places. Provides map components to blogs, websites, or Myspace profile.


Bookmarking tool allowing users to share their bookmarks and find others with similar interests.


Free online bookmark manager integrates with internet browsers and allows importing of existing bookmarks.


Visual web bookmarks organizing and sharing service. Features a variety of ways for searching and sorting bookmarks.


Link collecting, curating, sharing, and annotating web service. Particularly creates link collections centered on a specific topic or happening.


Online bookmarking service that saves and shares information on the web as small blocks of text.


Free online bookmarking service offering description, tags, category, and text snips features.


Web-based bookmark manager that also serves as an intuitive and customizable web portal.


Service for sharing web content or discovering new online resources that trend or are most liked on Twitter and Facebook.

Yahoo! Bookmarks

Online tool for organizing bookmarks presented in a searchable and drag-and-drop format.


Allows users to create a homepage that contain all their favorite websites. Also automatically synchronizes with users' bookmarks.


Bookmark finding, storing, and organizing service. Presents video demos on using the features. http://www.facebook.com/pages/ZillionLinXcom/162266650481248 zillionlinx

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