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Web Applications

  • AlphaPun.ch

    Online image editing application that removes the transparent portions of a GIF or PNG image to make the items behind such image clickable.

  • Ambiently

    Offers a bookmarklet which returns a list of web pages related to the current page a user is browsing.

  • Cammster

    Free online security application that transforms webcams into motion sensors that can be used for home security. Cammster1

  • Click.to

    Online application that simplifies the process of copying and pasting texts of files to various applications.

  • Comcast Downloads

    Gallery of easy-to-install applications designed for broadband Internet users. Includes a web browser, email applications, toolbar, online security software, and desktop tools.

  • Desktopify

    Online service that creates desktop versions of web applications for Windows and Mac computers.

  • Duda Mobile

    Simple and free web application for creating mobile optimized versions of websites. Features a variety of templates and customization options. Also allows users to set up URLs on desired domains.

  • Femtoo

    Online tool for tracking and monitoring web page changes especially for those that do not offer RSS or Atom feeds.

  • Google Apps

    Google applications and services available at standard (free) and premier (paid) editions. Applications offered include Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar, Docs and Spreadsheets, Page Creator and Start Page.

  • Gowalla

    Social media breakthrough for an interactive way to keep up with friends and family. Share new places, hotspots, photos, restaurants, or find information on your destination locations.

  • Hey Paste It

    Simple note sharing tool that allows a copy-paste online, then share the url between co-workers or friends.

  • Intertech: ASP.NET Training

    Offers an informative course on how to build ASP.NET Web applications.

  • Intertech: SharePoint 2013 Developer Skills Upgrade

    Delivers application development training and consulting with step-by-step instructions on how to recreate the real world, instructor-led applications.

  • Jibidee

    Web application that mimics a desktop interface where files can be created, saved, and moved around. Includes a web calendar, lists, contact manager, and file sharing support. http://facebook.com/jibidee

  • Musicshake

    Web app for creating musical beats featuring different instruments and chords.

  • Notes.io

    Note taking and sharing web application. Provides a simple solution for for writing printable notes without having to install additional software.

  • PrintWhatYouLike.com

    Formats web pages for printing, allowing users to select or ignore page elements in order to print only the information they need.

  • Productive Web Apps

    Features a collection of web applications available to assist users in all aspects of both work and play.

  • RemindThis

    Web application providing website and blog owners an option on their pages that allows visitors to remind themselves about the site through email.

  • Rooster.am

    Online service that provides custom daily wake up calls. Reads out date and time, top news for the day, trending Twitter topics, Facebook events, weather forecasts, and Google calendar.

  • Screenr

    Free web-based screencast recording and sharing service. Captures screen and audio output and provides a link for sharing the recorded screencast.

  • Surfboard

    Web application that allows users to view websites in a flippable magazine or newspaper-like format.

  • Tapatalk

    Forum app particularly designed for mobile access through the iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and BlackBerry.

  • URLOpener.com

    Online tool for opening multiple URLs simultaenously.

  • View Docs Online

    Unable to open the file you were sent? Simply upload the url/file and easily view it online. This easy to use app is also available as a Firefox addon.

  • Wappalyzer

    Browser add-on that uncovers the technologies used on websites.

  • Web-based Software

    Web-based project management and business software marketplace. With reviews and rankings.

  • WouldTheyLike?

    Web application helps users in getting gift ideas, advice, and suggestions from Facebook friends.

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