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Internet Statistics

  • Alexa

    Provides traffic details on top sites and offers a list of the top 500 most trafficked sites.

  • Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis

    Explores Internet infrastructure through traffic performance and flow characterization, simulation, analysis, and visualization, with an extensive set of network tools and utilities.

  • Cyber-Geography

    Collection of cyberspace visualizations, with a cyberatlas of census, geographic, topological, and other types of Internet maps.

  • Dataopedia

    Statistics and other information about the Internet. Presents the most popular and most shared websites as well as the most recently uploaded ones.

  • Free Counter

    Provides a reliable hit counter with real time web site statistics and customizable images.

  • Internet Measurement Infrastructure - CAIDA

    Summaries of current measurement projects offering public reports.

  • Internet Traffic Report

    Monitors the worldwide flow of Internet data by continent, provider/router and location, tracking response time and packet loss, then assigning an overall index rating (best = 100).

  • Internet World Stats

    Site dedicated to providing information on world Internet usage, population statistics, and Internet market research data.

  • Keynote

    Generates information about network availability, latency, and packet loss between major Internet backbones in the United States.

  • National Broadband Map (NBM)

    United States government initiative aimed at providing information on broadband coverage in a particular area. Also presents broadband coverage maps.

  • Nielsen NetRatings

    Provides a variety of business solutions and research on web traffic and site optimization.

  • One Hour Per Second

    Interesting statistic on the number of videos created and uploaded to Youtube.

  • Rich Internet Application Statistics

    Statistics and other interesting information about the deployment of Flash, Silverlight, and Java on the Internet.

  • StatCounter Global Stats

    Provides statistics on web browser usage, browser versions, search engines, operating systems, screen resolutions, and social media.

  • statMetrix

    Supplies monthly reports on global Internet usage trends useful for web developers and online businesses.

  • ZookNIC Internet Intelligence

    Provides domain name data and analysis, and academic research.

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