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Music Search Engine

Captain Crawl

Music blog search engine. Facilitates the discovery of new artists and the reading of music-related blog posts.


Music search engine focusing on music videos. Features a minimalist interface that presents thumbnails of search results and plays them on the same page.

Film Music Search

Independent music search engine focusing on film music review pages from popular and authoritative sites.


Looks for information about artists, bands, and songs. Features a user voting system that ranks favorite musicians and groups.

The Hype Machine

Facilitates music search and discovery by aggregating feeds from blogs including the music or song files they host.

Melody Catcher

Search engine that finds music or songs through melody. Provides users with a virtual piano application with which the desired melody is composed.

Mix Turtle

Searches for music from various sources online and streams the audios right within the results page. Also allows users to create playlists with the results generated.


Music search engine that provides web streaming and download links for the music found.


Music search engine that locates songs shared on YouTube and streams them on the results page.

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