Specialized Search Engines in the Best of the Web Directory

Specialized Search Engines

  • Alibaba

    Search engine and trading platform for small businesses.

  • Chemical Book

    Chemical search engine and directory. Also presents buying leads and recommended enterprises.

  • Chinese Menu

    Search engine and directory for Chinese restaurants in the United States. Presents restaurant details with ratings, photos, reviews, and menus. http://www.facebook.com/chinesemenupage Chinese_Menu

  • Creative Commons Search

    Specifically searches for files and content online that can be freely used, shared, and reproduced.

  • Crime Reports

    Law enforcement search engine which allows the user to search across hundreds of departments.

  • DeweyDigger

    Search exploration based on the Dewey Decimal System using images and cloud tag of terminologies.

  • DocJax

    Document search engine that specifically looks for DOC, PDF, XLS and PPT files. Provides direct download links.

  • Duck Duck Go

    Specialized search engine that delivers "zero click info" as well as results from Wikipedia, and other related links.

  • DuckDuckGoog

    Combines the best results of Duckduckgo and Google search for an easy to use search in any browser.

  • Everyzing

    Find video and audio resources in various fields of interest including politics, business, and entertainment.

  • FindArticles.com

    Search for articles in the news, magazines, and educational sources.

  • FindFineIt

    Serves as an interface for using multiple search engines or for searching specific websites.

  • GoodSearch

    Search engine which donates 50% of its revenue to charities and schools designated by search users. Also donates revenues from its online shopping mall.

  • Helioid

    Refine searches and narrow the results for a more productive search/and find.

  • Icon Archive

    Allows the user to search for icons via keywords of view by category.

  • Icon Seeker

    Search engine for finding icons via keywords.

  • I'm Halal

    Offers web, image, news, and Qur'an search and returns results deemed to be safe for those of the Muslim faith.

  • Indeed

    Job search service explores the Internet for job postings by job title, keywords, company name, and location.

  • Into Islam

    Features an Islamic search engine.

  • Just Watch

    Serves as a movie and TV "taste engine." Provides search results based on a user's preferences.

  • Krugle

    Open source codes, projects, and technical pages search engine.

  • LinkUp Job Search Engine

    Helps expose hidden jobs. Only lists jobs taken directly from company websites for productive results.

  • Moat

    Ad search engine. Displays search results of ads for specific companies or brands running on different web pages.

  • Momondo

    Flights search engine which enables users to look for the best flight deals.

  • Netcraft

    Searches domain registrations and reports on a site's netblock owner, location, web server and more.

  • News Lookup

    Search engine for news items by source, region and media type.

  • PDF Search Engine

    PDF search engine that allows users to preview files before downloading.

  • Pdfgeni.com

    Search tool specially designed for finding ebooks, document templates, reports, data sheets, articles, papers, and other documents in PDF.

  • Recipe Bridge

    A recipe search engine that lets users find and compare recipes from hundreds of cooking websites.

  • RSS Search Hub

    RSS, Atom, and RDF feed search engine. Indexes millions of feeds from thousands of websites.

  • searchcode

    Specialized search engine that focuses on finding programming codes and snippets.

  • Search-ebooks

    Cataloged search of ebooks, pdf's, doc's, ppt's, rtf's, and xls documents.

  • SearchIRC

    Complete and up to date IRC search engine monitoring over 4000 IRC networks for channels and users.

  • SearchKindly

    Search engine which donates 100% of its advertising revenue to charity. Offers copies of canceled donation checks, and HTML code to include search box on any website.

  • Searchme

    Presents search results as an image gallery. Offers ability to filter results by category, as well as personalized settings for adult content, themes, and link targets.

  • Similar Site Search

    Specialized search designed to help find similar sites, and alternative web sites.

  • Sweet Search

    Students get better search results with input from targeted sources. Includes the Smithsonian, PBS, universities, and the Library of Congress.

  • TVEyes

    Global search engine for TV and radio.

  • Twerq

    Provides a tabbed search experience. Users enter the search term and results from Google, Yahoo, Windows and video sites are provided in their respected tabs.

  • Wikiloc

    Search engine for discovering new outdoor trails for hiking, cycling and other activities.

  • Wikiwix

    Search engine focusing on Wikipedia articles. Searches for Wikipedia content as well as other related sites associated with the collaborative online encyclopedia's database.

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