Directory of Specialized Internet Search Engines

Specialized Search Engines

  • Alibaba

    Search engine and trading platform for small businesses.

  • Chemical Book

    Chemical search engine and directory. Also presents buying leads and recommended enterprises.

  • Chinese Menu

    Search engine and directory for Chinese restaurants in the United States. Presents restaurant details with ratings, photos, reviews, and menus. Chinese_Menu

  • Creative Commons Search

    Specifically searches for files and content online that can be freely used, shared, and reproduced.

  • DeweyDigger

    Search exploration based on the Dewey Decimal System using images and cloud tag of terminologies.

  • DocJax

    Document search engine that specifically looks for DOC, PDF, XLS and PPT files. Provides direct download links.

  • Duck Duck Go

    Specialized search engine that delivers "zero click info" as well as results from Wikipedia, and other related links.

  • DuckDuckGoog

    Combines the best results of Duckduckgo and Google search for an easy to use search in any browser.

  • Everyzing

    Find video and audio resources in various fields of interest including politics, business, and entertainment.

  • Feedmil

    Searches RSS feeds and allows filtering by the feed's popularity.


    Search for articles in the news, magazines, and educational sources.

  • FindFineIt

    Serves as an interface for using multiple search engines or for searching specific websites.


    Search the Internet for sound effects and musical instrument samples.

  • GoodSearch

    Search engine which donates 50% of its revenue to charities and schools designated by search users. Also donates revenues from its online shopping mall.

  • Helioid

    Refine searches and narrow the results for a more productive search/and find.

  • Icon Archive

    Allows the user to search for icons via keywords of view by category.

  • Icon Seeker

    Search engine for finding icons via keywords.

  • I'm Halal

    Offers web, image, news, and Qur'an search and returns results deemed to be safe for those of the Muslim faith.

  • Indeed

    Job search service explores the Internet for job postings by job title, keywords, company name, and location.

  • Just Watch

    Serves as a movie and TV "taste engine." Provides search results based on a user's preferences.

  • LinkUp Job Search Engine

    Helps expose hidden jobs. Only lists jobs taken directly from company websites for productive results.

  • Moat

    Ad search engine. Displays search results of ads for specific companies or brands running on different web pages.

  • Momondo

    Flights search engine which enables users to look for the best flight deals.

  • Mugurdy

    Search engine offering results in thumbnails for easy viewing, with descriptions displayed to make searching a breeze.

  • Netcraft

    Searches domain registrations and reports on a site's netblock owner, location, web server and more.

  • News Lookup

    Search engine for news items by source, region and media type.

  • PDF Search Engine

    PDF search engine that allows users to preview files before downloading.


    Search tool specially designed for finding ebooks, document templates, reports, data sheets, articles, papers, and other documents in PDF.

  • Rank Speed

    Specialized search engine locates websites and products based on user or customer sentiments.

  • Recipe Bridge

    A recipe search engine that lets users find and compare recipes from hundreds of cooking websites.

  • searchcode

    Specialized search engine that focuses on finding programming codes and snippets.

  • Search-ebooks

    Cataloged search of ebooks, pdf's, doc's, ppt's, rtf's, and xls documents.

  • SearchIRC

    Complete and up to date IRC search engine monitoring over 4000 IRC networks for channels and users.

  • Searchme

    Presents search results as an image gallery. Offers ability to filter results by category, as well as personalized settings for adult content, themes, and link targets.

  • Social Mention

    Real-time search and analysis tool focusing on social media content. Also offers a buzz widget and social media alerts.

  • Sweet Search

    Students get better search results with input from targeted sources. Includes the Smithsonian, PBS, universities, and the Library of Congress.

  • TVEyes

    Global search engine for TV and radio.

  • Twerq

    Provides a tabbed search experience. Users enter the search term and results from Google, Yahoo, Windows and video sites are provided in their respected tabs.

  • Viewzi

    View search results in a variety of different views, including text, screen shots, site information, news, time lines, and Amazon books.

  • Wikiloc

    Search engine for discovering new outdoor trails for hiking, cycling and other activities.

  • Wikiwix

    Search engine focusing on Wikipedia articles. Searches for Wikipedia content as well as other related sites associated with the collaborative online encyclopedia's database.

  • ZoomInfo

    People, company, and job search service. Search by product or industry keyword.

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