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DNS Web Tools

DNS Quick Check

DNS testing and report tool. Tests for DNS delegation and mail and web servers in domains. With a discussion forum.


Lookup tool capable of performing low-level DNS queries to any DNS server. Helps diagnose problems and incorrect configurations.

Domain Name System Basic Lookup

Searches for DNS information by name or IP address. Result types generated include addresses, host name, name and mail servers, domain directory, and host information.

Lookup Server

Forward and reverse DNS lookup and network tools. Obtains a domain name's IP, MX records, IP address name, and DNS records.


DNS domain nameserver that can be used to find IP address information of computers connected to the Internet. Checks on how a domain name registrar or web hosting company has set up DNS for one's domain.

Pingability: Quick DNS Check

Online tool for checking a DNS zone performing a series of checks on name and email servers.

Squish DNS Checker

Free web-based service for DNS experts. Generates DNS related reports by exploring all possible routes a client could travel in a DNS tree.

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