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Cyberspace Online Communities

Big 4

Features a global network for alumni as well as current and aspiring professionals from the Big Four firms.


Video conferencing community where groups can meet face-to-face.

Avenue for people from all over the world to interact, chat, and do other things possible online.


Helps Facebook and Foursquare users in finding friends, getting updated with the latest happenings, and learning about recommended places for dining and hanging out. crowdspottr Network

Posts blogs, features chatrooms, facilitates forums, and offers games.

Found Myself

Contains chat rooms, poetry, games, news, blogs, and a gallery of photos. With links to other related sites.


Information gateway to a wide variety of topics such as news, philosophy, politics, religion, sports, wellness, and weapons.


Hosts a collection of news articles, documents, pictures, and web links on various topics from the contemporary to the classical.


Enables the posting and sharing of personal reminders and memories.

The Lost Diner

Interactive forum, message board, and chat room for people who are interested in exploring the mysterious, unknown and forgotten.


Facilitates photo, blog, music, and video sharing and discussion for people to share information and resources.

The Museum of Me

Web application that allows users to create and explore a visual archive of their online social lives.

Musician Playground

Social platform allowing musicians, singers, and bands to connect with producers, industry jobs, and find related information. MusicianPlaygro


Social networking website particularly targeted at the European youth. Requires no registration.

Now Talking

Portal to personal sharing allows for diary writing and sharing, accommodates confessions, and facilitates further personal to intimate interactions.


Online community offering music, chat, friends and networking as well as personals and dating services.

People In People

Provides an analysis of various personality types and the ways in which people interact.


Prompts users with a daily question and encourages them to select an answer, and then extrapolate on the answer. Also allows users to send their answers to their friends, or post them in their blogs.


Social networking journal for contacts. Let's you showcase all of your events and share them with friends and family.

The Pork

Member-driven community that provides services and activities that are based on membership demand. With community news, and topical discussions.

Rogues Tavern

International community of outcasts, scoundrels, and rascals.


Forum for discussions for world events, politics, business and economics, history, science, technology, philosophy, culture, and more.

Talk City

Portal to information, interactive discussions and chats, and social connection.

This Link Will Self Destruct

Safely share links in non-secure environments like internet forums, IRC, or Facebook.


Makes use of social media to better plan, set, and accomplish collaborative tasks.


Community where stories are told, exchanged and shared with people of different ages and backgrounds. utellstory


Community for mobile multimedia chat and discussions for phone and computer. Create and share thoughts instantly with friends and groups.


Free membership site allows for learning through exploration and communication.

Wire Club

Portal to free chatting, blog posting, friend finding, photo sharing, and other online interactive activities.


Private online network for companies and organizations. Provides groups limited to those with company or organization email addresses.

You Think

Contains questions, quizzes, jokes, trivia, movie reviews, forums, and links to other relevant pages.

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