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Child Safety on the Internet

  • A Cybercop's Guide to Internet Child Safety

    Shareware book written to help parents in becoming well-informed about problems and issues encountered in accessing online information and resources.


    Site dedicated to providing Internet safety information and resources to parents, children, and teens.


    Program designed as a means of protection, deterrence, and prosecution against online "predators" who pose threats to unwitting children.

  • Child Internet Safety FAQ

    Collection of concise answers to commonly asked questions about Internet safety.

  • Creep Squash

    Web service for ensuring the online safety of children. Enables parental monitoring to prevent cyberbullying and other online threats.

  • Crisp

    Offers tools and products designed to help parents and their children in exploring the Internet freely and safely.

  • Hyperdyne Software

    Offers parental control software and tools for detecting and eliminating adult material and other unwanted files from computers.

  • iKeepSafe

    Alliance created to work together for the health and safety of children online. Aims to promote informed policymaking and to empower parents and educators in protecting the welfare of children in the information superhighway.

  • i-SAFE Inc.

    Nonprofit foundation dedicated to Internet safety education. Aims to empower students, teachers, parents, law enforcement parties, and concerned adults to create a safer and better Internet.

  • NetSafeKids

    Parents resource for protecting children from pornography, violence, and other inappropriate content on the web.

  • NetSmartz

    Information and resources on online safety for parents and guardians, educators, teens, and law enforcement authorities.

  • Parental Software

    Offers reviews and information on popular parental control and Internet monitoring software used for monitoring online chats, instant messages, email, myspace, facebook and more.

  • The Police Notebook: Kid Safety on the Internet

    Simple presentation that provides answers to various questions on staying safe while accessing the Internet.


    Children's Internet safety site provides empowerment to parents, safety tools, information about Internet dangers, and cybercrime reporting links.


    Serves as a source of knowledge and tools for ensuring children's safety online. Helps address problems of cyberbullying, sexual exploitation, gang recruitment, and other issues.

  • Teen Angels

    Teen cyber-safety expert group made up of volunteers thirteen to eighteen years old trained in all aspects of online safety, privacy, and security.

  • TheParentsEdge

    Tools and resources for parents to assure their children's safety online. Includes how-to guides, warnings, and recommended software.

  • Web Wise Kids

    Features Internet safety tips, games, and related resources for kids, teens, and parents.

  • Wise Kids

    Organization dedicated to promoting the innovative, positive, and safe use of the Internet. Includes information for parents, communities, educators, and businesses.

  • Zihtec

    Internet security and online activity monitoring software. Enables safe chat through a universal messenger that can be supervised by parents.

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