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IRC Networks

  • AcidChat

    Chat network for general users. Homepage provides server information, news, and answers to frequently asked user questions.

  • AfterNET

    Internet Relay Chat network operating high-speed servers worldwide. Provides username and channel registrations through AuthServ and X3 service bots.

  • AustIRC

    Presents server links, IRCH channels and games, contacts, and network statistics.

  • DarkerNet

    History of the network with information on its charter, services, and servers.


    Single-server IRC network with chat articles, glossary, server news, and related links.

  • KnightNet

    IRC network with a Medieval theme aiming to provide users with a safe, friendly, and fun atmosphere for chatting.

  • NightStar

    Internet Relay Chat network with popular rooms for online role-playing game and art discussions.

  • Phishy Chat Network

    Offers channels for trivia, role-playing games, and discussions on a wide variety of topics.

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