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Dvorak Keyboards


A Basic Course in Dvorak - Dan Wood's brief course on learning the Dvorak keyboard layout.

The Dvorak Keyboard

Presentation on the different aspects of the Dvorak Keyboard. Includes articles on converting a computer to Dvorak.

The DVORAK Keyboard Layout

Longtime QWERTY keyboard user shares his insights on the Dvorak keyboard layout. With resource links.

Dvorak Keyboard Training

Free online typing course consisting of five lessons designed to teach the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard layout within a minimum of two hours.

Dvorak Keyboard Typing is Easier, Faster

Highlights the advantages of the Dvorak Keyboard and presents learning resources, tutorials, and tests.

The Dvorak Zine

Magazine and webcomic created to promote the Dvorak keyboard.

Introducing the Dvorak Keyboard

Offers downloads and information to help you start using the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard which is an alternative to the QWERTY layout .

Programmer Dvorak Keyboard Layout

Introduces a slightly modified Dvorak keyboard layout to better suit programmer needs.

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