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Listed here are all types of news and media on the topic of computer hacking and cracking.
  • 2600: The Hacker Quarterly

    Magazine of the infamous hacker group, the 2600 Club (purportedly named for the hertz frequency once used by "phreakers", telephone hackers); with hacking news, rants, and other hacking insider info.

  • Butchered from Inside

    Multilingual electronic publication written by the Italian hacker community.

  • From (& To) Russia, With Love

    Story tells about the changing face of cyber criminals willingness to now affect rival conspirators and their own countrymen with their exploits.

  • Haking

    Magazine covering information technology security topics from offensive and defensive points of view. Downloads and a digital sample issue available.

  • InfoSec News

    Online source for information security news articles.

  • Phrack

    Magazine dedicated to hacking. Offers news, updates, discussions, and information of interest to the hacking community.

  • Pirate Bay's Neo-Nazi Sugar Daddy

    Article details how the socialist attitude of what is yours is mine comes into play with the trial of the founders of Pirate Bay. But the lesser known fact is that infamous neo-nazi Carl Lundström has helped bank roll the project, and in fact owns 40 percent of the shares.

  • Radical Future

    Publication offering articles and insights on computer hacking as well as freedom of speech, press, and expression. Provides PDF issue downloads.

  • Secrets of the Pirate Bay

    Discusses the role the pirate kings of Sweden have with their role in the notorious pirate bay BitTorrent tracker.

  • Topsight

    Features discussions and information focused on hacking.

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