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Computer Hacking

Cyber Criminals Most Wanted

Cybercrime awareness, prevention and safety site, with the latest cybercrime headlines; includes a most wanted list (such as hackers and terrorists), compilation of cybercrime laws, legislation, monthly newsletters, and cybercrime reporting facilities.


Hip security awareness site masquerading as a hacker site, with collection of hacking exploits to try (safely) and learn from.

Hack Forums

Discussions on white hat hacking and exploits including tools and programs, tutorials, and security advisories and alerts.


Offers a history of the beginning of hacking, along with concepts and approaches.

Hackers Homepage

Features a catalog of hacking devices, controversial publications, and related products.

Hackers, Crackers, and Hijackers

All about hackers and why you should care, the difference between hackers and crackers, and the damage crackers do.

Hacking Exposed

Complementary website to the book of the same name provides information and education about the ease of hacking into computer networks and systems. With news, reviews, errata, and links to related resources.

How to Become a Hacker

Defines hacking, gives background information, and basic hacking skills.

Offering the Nmap network security scanner, tools, hacking resources, and recommended reading.


Windows and Linux hacking utility that bypasses computer login requirements by booting a computer from CD. thelead82


The story of computer programmer Kevin Mitnicks seduction into the criminal world of hacking.

UnixGeeks.Org Newbie

Layman's terms, defending the system against hacking, and an attempt at hacking lessons for good not bad.

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