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Computer animation refers to the process of creating animations using computer graphics. It is a form of computer generated imagery that focuses on dynamic images. It is practically the advanced and more sophisticated successor of frame-by-frame 2D animation of illustrations and stop motion 3D animation of clay models. Computer animation when used in movies is often known as CGI, an acronym for computer generated imagery.

Many would primarily associate or perceive computer animation as a highly technical and computing-heavy task. It must be mentioned that it is also a form of art that requires skill and an appreciation of aesthetics. Artists who have worked with illustrations or models before will appreciate computer animation being a faster process with more detailed and more realistic-looking output; though new skills would have to be acquired to be able to interface and get used with computing technology.

This category features a variety of resources involving computer animation including news and references, software, tools and utilities, tutorials, guides, as well as education or training providers.
  • CG Society

    Computer graphics organization posting industry news, a calendar of events, job postings, and member portfolios.

  • CGArena

    Online graphics and animation community for digital artists. With industry news, events and contests, job opening ads, and featured short films.

  • Disapainted

    Create drawings that then become a part of an animated collection powered by HTML5.

  • Draw a Stickman

    Interactive site produces an animation with the user supplying or drawing the character and some elements.

  • Illume Studio

    Offers computer graphics services in areas such as 3D animation, 3D modeling, and website design.

  • Lost in Space

    Images galleries from a global network of designers, visual effects artists, and film makers.

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