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Electronic Books


Provides free downloads of electronic textbooks, business books, and travel guides. http://www.facebook.com/bookbooncom bookboon http://bookboon.com/blog/feed


A feature from Amazon.com that allows Kindle users to borrow or loan e-books free of charge (registration required). http://www.facebook.com/BookLending booklending


Quick way to publish books but to also access editing within your own publication. BookTango

Ebook Glue

Makes converting blog posts into an ebook format for easy reading on any electronic media. http://www.facebook.com/EbookGlue EbookGlue


Site for electronic book search, reading, and downloading. Also enables the sharing of ebooks on social networks.


Book conversion and distribution platform with print on demand capabilities. http://www.facebook.com/pages/eBookItcom/304641776228046 ebookitcom


Resource with ebook best selling authors to buy or even download for free. http://www.facebook.com/eBookMall eBookMallcom

Forgotten Books

Presents thousands of ebooks for download. Users may download up to 50 books free of charge; thereafter there is a small charge.

International Digital Publishing Forum: The Trade and Standards Organization

A trade and standards organization dedicated to the development and promotion of electronic publishing. billmccoy http://idpf.org/rss.xml

Kobo eBooks

Great resource for downloading and reading ebooks, plus it offers a way for authors to upload and sell their own works. kobo

Lending eBook

Users can borrow or lend e-books for Kindle or Nook, free of charge. http://www.facebook.com/lendingebook LendingeBook


Easy to use desktop platform for MAC and Windows, to create interactive ebooks and ebook apps. http://facebook.com/moglue moglue

Nook Press

Barnes and Noble created this platform as a way for authors to connect with readers. http://www.facebook.com/PubIt


Quick way to upload and then sell ebooks using Paypal resources. Create, share, then profit. payhip

Planet eBook

Independent site focused on electronic publishing, eBooks and eBook-related technologies. nitropdf


Service allows users to send a web page from their browser or iPhone, and then converts it and sends it to the user's Kindle. http://www.rekindle.it/images/rss.gif


Platform that uses a web browser and simple drag and drop tools to create online slider and flip books. simplebooklet


Resource and platform for ebooks for and from indie authors, publishers, and agents. http://facebook.com/Smashwords smashwords_authors http://www.smashwords.com/?output=rss


Initiative aimed at introducing and making available electronic books to all people. http://www.teleread.com/feed/


Allows authors to publish a book in seconds from a manuscript or .pdf document. https://www.facebook.com/tradebits trabit


Allows users to collect and publish information from blogs, Atom/RSS feeds, and websites. Formats output as PDF or eBook for use with readers such as Amazon's Kindle. http://www.facebook.com/zinepal zinepal

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