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XML Schema Tools

Bluetetra Software – XSDdoc 2.0

Converts plain XML files into cross-referenced, hyperlinked HTML documents. Contains details on the tool’s features and documentation.

Buldocs Ltd.: xnsdoc – XML Schema Documentation Generator

Supports common schema design practices. Contains particulars on the tool’s features, examples and downloading instructions.

CodeSynthesis XSD: XML Data Binding for C++

Information on the tool's applications and a summary of the key advantages of the two C++ bindings.

DTD2xs 1.60

Capable of mapping DTD entities onto XML Schema. Contains information on the tool’s capabilities.

OSS Nokalva – OSS XSD Tools for C/C++

Merges XML and ASN.1 and also extends XSD-based data. Contains information on the product's technical details, enhancements and a trial download.


Data modeling and entry tool for XML Schema. Displays particulars on the product’s benefits and tutorials.

Stylus Studio XML Schema Tools

Shows details on the features of tools offered along with their respective applications and demonstrations.

XBinder XML Schema Compiler

Provides API for working with the other entire message definitions within an XML schema specification. Contains details on the tool's advantages.

XML Schema Quality Checker

Information on the tool's functions, system requirements and FAQs plus reviews included.

XML Schema Validator

Validates XML documents by URL, file upload or direct input. Includes particulars on the sample forms, HTML compatibility, requirements and advantages.


Provides validation of documents with details on the instructions offered, list of possible error marks and an example application form.

XSD XML Schema C++ Binding Code Generator

Features an overview of XML to C++ binding operation with details on the tool benefits, sample forms and documentation.

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