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XML Namespaces

Cover Pages: Namespace in XML

Highlights details on publication achievements including featured references and resources.

Namespace Tutorial

Article by Miloslav Nic that shows details on instructions for XML Namespaces.

Ronald Bourret – Namespace Myths Exploded

Information on XML Namespaces recommendation, its validation to declare in DTDs and the ways to resolve the issues.

W3Schools: XML Namespaces

Details on Name conflicts, sample forms and using a prefix to solve this problem. Includes information on URI and XMLNS attribute.

XML Namespace Related-resource Language

HTML-based markup language. With particulars on namespace for XNRL, its variation to XHTML basic and CSS-1.

XML Namespaces

Article by James Clark on alternative explanation of the mechanism described in XML Namespaces recommendation.

XML Namespaces Frequently Asked Questions

Contains details on the application, declaration and usage. Plus particulars on names, prefixes and URLs.

XML Namespaces: Universal Identification in XML Markup

Article discussing details on motivation for the tool including uniqueness of attributes and its applications.

XML.com: Namespace Nuances

Documented by John E. Simpson that contains details on expressing files inside the DTD for validation using the tool.

XML.com: XML Namespaces by Example

Article by Tim Bray that explains details on the application. Includes instructions and sample forms.

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