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XML Encoding

  • CodeConquest.com

    Site dedicated to helping beginners learn how to code. Learn the basics of programming and get introduced to real world application.. https://www.facebook.com/codeconquest CodeConquest

  • Expressing Simple Dublin Core in RDF/XML

    Document about encoding for the DCMES in XML using RDF. Includes details on DTD and W3C Schemas, examples and references.

  • HackCraft – Entry-Level Unicode for XML

    Details on the applications of Unicode, its characters and code points. Includes particulars on encoding schemes.

  • ISO 8859 Character Set

    Sequence of regulated multilingual single-byte coded graphic character sets. With information on DEC-MCS, CP1252 and graphical representations on charsets.

  • Unicode Character Set

    Cites information on Unicode standards and Universal Multiple-Octet Coded UCS along with history and previews of its versions.

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