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XUL (XML User Interface Language)


Theme builder tool for Netscape to apply graphic designs to the browser. Displays particulars on the tool features, installation process and documentation.

Easing Browser Interface Development

Article about the details on creating a browser interface using common languages, as reported by Paul Festa, staff writer of CNET News.com.

Essential XUL Programming

Online version of the book written by Vaughn Bullard and Kevin T. Smith. Covers information on the chapter, code samples and appendixes.

Extensible User Interface Language

Presents details on the articles about XUL topics and issues.


Mozilla application that interprets adventure games. Presents information on its installation procedure, version compliances and recent releases.

Informit.com: Introductory Tour of Mozilla’s XUL

Article by Nigel McFarlane detailing instructions for developing web applications using basic XUL.

Mozilla Amazon Browser

Searches and browses the Amazon database. With information on its system requirements and key features.

OneClick Sidebar

Currently includes calculator, cuneAform OE, BattleShip and MineSweeper. Shows details on the software applications, features and news.

PrefBar 3

Information on current versions, installing procedures and documentation.

SourceForge.net: Amoeba Role Playing Game Engine

Based upon a game XML language designed in the style of early Final Fantasy games. Contains details on its development and downloading process.

XML.com: Fooling with XUL

Article by Edd Durnbill providing instructions on the use of XUL to add a new sidebar to Mozilla. Contains information on the step-by-step demonstration and links to related topics.

XML.com: XUL Provides Cross-Platform UI

Presented by Eric Krock providing explanation on the benefits of using XUL as well as its applications.


Providing Ajax and XUL tutorials and demos with JavaScript, DOM and XML.

XUL Applications

Software for Nestscape 7 and Mozilla. With particulars on the extensions, FAQs and update information for tracking latest versions.

XUL Tools and What They Mean

Written by Ian Oeschger that explains details on the various XUL components with their corresponding functions.


Extension for the Mozilla browser which runs the Minesweeper using JavaScript and the Gecko layout engine. Presents information on installing procedure, source code and screenshots.

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