XUL (XML User Interface Language) in the Best of the Web Directory

XUL (XML User Interface Language)

  • Easing Browser Interface Development

    Article about the details on creating a browser interface using common languages, as reported by Paul Festa, staff writer of CNET News.com.

  • Essential XUL Programming

    Online version of the book written by Vaughn Bullard and Kevin T. Smith. Covers information on the chapter, code samples and appendixes.

  • Extensible User Interface Language

    Presents details on the articles about XUL topics and issues.

  • SourceForge.net: Amoeba Role Playing Game Engine

    Based upon a game XML language designed in the style of early Final Fantasy games. Contains details on its development and downloading process.

  • XML.com: Fooling with XUL

    Article by Edd Durnbill providing instructions on the use of XUL to add a new sidebar to Mozilla. Contains information on the step-by-step demonstration and links to related topics.

  • XML.com: XUL Provides Cross-Platform UI

    Presented by Eric Krock providing explanation on the benefits of using XUL as well as its applications.

  • XUL

    Providing Ajax and XUL tutorials and demos with JavaScript, DOM and XML.

  • XUL Applications

    Software for Nestscape 7 and Mozilla. With particulars on the extensions, FAQs and update information for tracking latest versions.

  • XUL Tools and What They Mean

    Written by Ian Oeschger that explains details on the various XUL components with their corresponding functions.

  • XULPlanet – XUL Tutorial

    Created by Neil Deakin that shows details on the instructions for using XUL as used in Mozilla 1.7 and Firefox 1.0.

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