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XML Applications

Cover Pages: Molecular Dynamics Language

Article that discusses MoDL's functions with information on references and links to related topics.

DARPA Agent Markup Language

Facilitates the concept of the Semantic Web with particulars on DAML, recent announcements and related links.

DITA Forum

Discussion about the XML-based Darwin Information Typing Architecture, hosted by Don Day and Michael Priestley. Contains information on the resources and authors.

FormatData: RecipeML

XML-written format that represents recipes on computer. Covers information on its usage and gallery of applications.

Ister.org: XLDL Literature Description Language

Provides an XML doctype for the storage texts. Contains details on the application’s features, its documentation and sample entries.

JSpeech Markup Language

Details on JSML elements and DTD along with the steps of its processing, XML declaration and text structure.

Meta Content Framework Using XML

Displays information on the basis of MCF, data model and representation. Also includes details on examples and appendices.

MusicXML Definition Version 1.1

Interchange format for notation, analysis, retrieval and performance applications. Contains information on its latest version, tutorials and sample files along with a discussion list and recent presentations.


Information on the typical use of NewsML 1.x versions, concept and guidelines.

NITF: News Industry Text Format

Discusses various aspects of NITF applications. Includes documentation and examples.

Open Applications Group, Inc.

Builds process-based XML standards for both B2B and A2A integration. Contains information on downloadable set of DTDs, projects and news along with member documents and case studies.

Open Software Description Specification

Document that provides an initial proposal for the OSD format. With particulars on OSD: XML representation and extensibility using XML namespaces and element definitions.

PetroXML v2.0

Contains reference materials, project scheme definitions and JIB sample. Plus XML resources and industry links.

Platform for Privacy Preferences 1.0 Specification

Presents details on implementing P3P 1.0 on servers, referencing policies and requirements plus example forms and data schema.

RecipeBook XML

Provides electronic formats for creating, storing and sharing recipes. Presents details on converting the software to HTML, PDF and Rich Text.

Simulation Project – Geometry Description Markup Language

Primary geometry implementation language that also provides a geometry exchange format for the existing applications. Presents details on installing GDML, example file and its latest releases.

XML Cover Pages: DSML

Stores information on the development of Directory Services Markup Language. Contains list of its references.

XMLSTATS: Using SportsML

Offers a standard format for sport scores, schedules and statistics. Contains information on the application’s overview and examples.

XrML Version 2.0

Common method for indicating rights and issuing licenses. Contains information on the software’s overview, related articles and FAQs along with its specifications and reference materials.

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