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XQuery Tutorials

IBM – Introduction to XQuery

Update by Howard Katz introducing the W3C’s specification. Contains particulars on requirements, data model and transition to XPath 2.0.

Query Technology Overview

Shows information on the tool’s features, tutorials offered and use cases. Includes technical specifications and discussion forums.

Schema-Aware Queries and Stylesheets

Article by Dr. Michael Kay covering information on support for handling schema-aware XSLT and XQuery. Includes details on sample outputs.

XML and Query Languages

Contains details on recent query specifications and framework as well as related articles and news.

XQJ: Introduction to the XQuery API for Java

Contains details on configuring XQJ connections, querying data form XML file or Java API and code listings.


Offers solutions for XQuery builders. Contains information on news, resources and related links along with sample source code and articles.

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