XML XQuery Tools in the Best of the Web Directory

XML XQuery Tools

  • DataDirect XQuery

    Details on version 2.0 of the tool. Also includes details on its features and applications.

  • Qexo: The GNU Kawa Implementation of XQuery

    Details on the tool’s benefits with examples presented. Includes particulars on installation and usage.

  • WPI – Database Systems Research Group

    Particulars on the group’s publications, projects and members as well as lab resources and links.

  • XQuench

    Parser and engine for XML query. With particulars on project details and related links.

  • XQuery Debugger

    Contains video demonstration of the tool. With details on its features, output result and sample file.

  • XQuery Language Demo

    Contains details on the language features, XQuantum database and example forms.

  • Xquery Lite 1.0

    Document illustrating the new features of Xquery-Lite 1.0. Contains details on its characteristics, an example of a query skeleton and statements.

  • XQuery Tools Overview

    Details of the XQuery editor, mapper, debugger and profiler. Includes documentation generator and support for XDMS and XML 2.0.

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