HTML References in the Best of the Web Directory

HTML References

  • Dave Arn’s HTML Reference

    Shows information on tag construction, actual HTML-tagged source and color codes.

  • HTML Tag Quick Reference Guide

    Presents tables summarizing basic HTML tags with information on the functions and attributes of each form.

  • EntityCode

    Quick reference for HTML entities. Presents a tabulation of characters with their corresponding entity names, entity numbers, and descriptions.

  • Extensions to HTML 3.0

    Contains information on new font style elements, paragraph attributes and client-side maps.

  • HTML Quick List - HTML Code Tutorial

    Covers information on HTML tags, attributes, and enumerated values. Also includes details on a reference companion to the Idocs guide to HTML.

  • HTML Tag List

    Contains details on the current HTML elements, their attributes, and some examples. Also includes FAQs, tips and tricks.

  • htmlPlayground

    Interactive xHTML and CSS resource allowing users to select tags and see their usage and related code.

  • Index DOT Html – Advanced HTML Reference

    Explains details on HTML elements, history and browsers. Includes information on its generic attributes and character entities.

  • Math in HTML and CSS

    Presents mathematical expressions on web pages. Contains details on formats other than HTML and generating image form formulas.

  • NCDesign – HTML Design Guide v6.0

    Presents information on HTML tag list as well as document settings, basic image and table tags.

  • Quick HTML Reference

    Presents particulars on basic HTML structure, attributes and general formatting.

  • VisiBone – HTML Tags

    Contains information on tags with attributes and values for HTML 4.01. Also includes details on color-coding and standards support.

  • W3Schools: HTML 4.01 Reference

    Presents information on list of HTML tags with references that covers its functions, attributes and entities.

  • Web Design Group – HTML 4.0 Reference

    Contains overview and other specifications of HTML 4.0 elements and attributes.

  • HTML Reference Guide

    Highlights information on HTML tags and details on performing various effects using this tool.

  • HTML

    Covers information on HTML basic elements, structure and text formatting. Includes details on links, graphics, special characters and backgrounds.

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