802.11 in the Best of the Web Directory


  • The Highest Wireless Network (WiFi - 802.11b) in the Northeast US

    Presents an overview about the wireless network along with projects photos and partial equipment list.

  • Howstuffworks – How WiFi Works

    Serves as guide on how to put up personal wireless network. Contains details on prices of wireless routers.

  • Meshdynamics

    Committed to maintaining a standard performance in outdoor networking by utilizing dynamic channel assignment and multiple radios.

  • Open WiFi Spots

    Comprehensive directory of free wi-fi hotspots in different parts of the world.

  • WAVES – Wireless and Video Communications Lab.

    Focuses on the investigation of latest paradigms in source coding along with details for proper representation of visual content.

  • WeFi

    Offers a global hotspot directory, as well as tools to help users map hotspots and connect to Wi-Fi locations.

  • Wi-Fi Alliance

    Committed to providing wireless access locations to businesses, homes, and public hotspots.

  • Wi-Fi Planet

    Serves as guide on various networking products based on 802.11 wireless networking protocols.

  • Wireless Gumph

    Pools in wireless guides and reviews that covers from building personal antenna to setting up long distance wireless links.

  • Wireless.org.au - Community Wireless Networks

    Contains insights about community wireless networking. Comes with forum that provides ideas about troubleshooting.

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