802.11 in the Best of the Web Directory


The Highest Wireless Network (WiFi - 802.11b) in the Northeast US

Presents an overview about the wireless network along with projects photos and partial equipment list.

Howstuffworks – How WiFi Works

Serves as guide on how to put up personal wireless network. Contains details on prices of wireless routers.


Committed to maintaining a standard performance in outdoor networking by utilizing dynamic channel assignment and multiple radios.

Open WiFi Spots

Comprehensive directory of free wi-fi hotspots in different parts of the world.

WAVES – Wireless and Video Communications Lab.

Focuses on the investigation of latest paradigms in source coding along with details for proper representation of visual content.


Offers a global hotspot directory, as well as tools to help users map hotspots and connect to Wi-Fi locations.

Wi-Fi Alliance

Committed to providing wireless access locations to businesses, homes, and public hotspots.

Wi-Fi Planet

Serves as guide on various networking products based on 802.11 wireless networking protocols.

Wireless Gumph

Pools in wireless guides and reviews that covers from building personal antenna to setting up long distance wireless links.

Wireless.org.au - Community Wireless Networks

Contains insights about community wireless networking. Comes with forum that provides ideas about troubleshooting.

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