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Wireless Data Communications

Alpha Works - Wireless technology

Presents product overviews on emerging wireless technologies. Comes with an online delivery of software services.

Community Wireless

Presents the advantage of using wireless LAN technology as the answer on the emerging community networks.


Provides an overview about the products and services of the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications. Comes with company directory and message board.

EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking

Publication serving as a forum for the science and applications of wireless communications and networking technologies with particular emphasis on signal processing tools and techniques.

Folkstone Design - Community Wireless

Motivates global change within the community through various technology references.


Features a cooperative association specializing in wireless networking through fiber optics, Ethernet, and other forms of networking technology.

High-Performance Wireless Research and Education Network

Highlights a funded network research program that evaluates non-commercial and prototype wireless network.

IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access

Supports the deployment and advancement of broadband wireless metropolitan area networks.

Linux and Wireless LANs

Includes list of hardware support and other related information about wireless networking.

LMSC, LAN/MAN Standards Committee

Fosters the advancement of local and metropolitan area network standards.

Locust World

Committed to providing live prototype networks and application development.

Mobile Tech Today

Compiles news and product reviews related to wireless networking and mobile industry.

National Science Foundation – Wireless Field Tests

Aims to create models that can be simulated in a variety of biological research projects.

Near Field Communication Forum

Industry nonprofit organization promotes the use of NFC short range wireless communication in mobile devices, computers and consumer electronics.


Provides wide range of resources for wireless industry professionals.


Serves as the portal on the new trend of short-range wireless networks and human-centric computing.

QuickSilver Technology - Adaptive Computing

Enables technology and computing platform for mobile and wireless connections.

SecNet11 - Secure Wireless Local Area Network

Offers scalable and portable solutions to meet a wide variety of command and control operational situations.

Sharing Apple Airport Base Station Experiences

Provides insights on how to add ventilation, resolve configuration issues, and retrofit extender antennas.

Sierra Wireless Inc.

Committed to providing broad range of products in wireless data technology.

Technology Directory – Intertangent

Compiles news, product overview, and services to keep the public inform on the latest trends in technological advancements.


Provides links for businesses and executives to express themselves in the wireless world.

Wireless Anarchy

Designed for those who are interested in building their own infrastructure. Comes with links to various wireless communities.

Wireless Developer Network

Information resource for developers, strategists, and managers interested in mobile computing and wireless data applications.

The Wireless FAQ

Compiles various tips and guidelines giving emphasis on the wireless technology.

Wireless Home Network

Wireless network site dedicated to helping those in need of assistance when working with wireless network enabled products. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wireless-Home-Network-Made-Easy/515293241856524 WiFiHomeNetwork http://www.linkedin.com/pub/ingemar-wikman/66/579/74b

Wireless Networking

Compiles news and publications about wireless networking, list of software and equipment manufacturers, and links to related sources.

Wireless Networking and Mobile IP References

Collection of links that focus on wireless networking, mobile IP references, internet drafts, and list of service providers.

Wireless networking with a PowerBook 1400

Contains guidelines on setting an old Apple PowerBook online with 802.11b/Wi-Fi/AirPort wireless networking.


Explains the workings of wireless technology in different products and applications.


Features a wireless calculator written in a JavaScript and functions by just entering various parameters required.

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