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Computer Science Research Institutes

Army High Performance Computing Research Center

Features details of publications, labs, research, education, outreach, consortium partners and research areas.

Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS)

University-based center crated to develop information technology solutions to address various pressing social, environmental, and health care problems.

Center for Software Reliability

Provides a research study on dependability and safety-critical computing systems.

Centre for Novel Computing

Presents application-motivated research studies. Also shows a list of the areas of research work.

Computer Science and Mathematics Division

Focuses research programs on computational sciences, intelligent systems, and information technologies. With details on projects, publications, groups and news.

Institute for Information Technology

Provides information on numbers, data and facts, research and development division, projects and events.

Laboratory for Parallel and Intelligent Systems

Research area includes multiprocessor systems, neural networks, synthesis automation, and fault detection and diagnosis.

Machine Vision - Southwest Research Institute

Applies research projects on imaging, sensor fusion, scene and motion analysis, and dimensional and industrial inspection.

Microsoft Research Group

Identifies key technologies for product-development cycles, collaborates research community, helps build university relationships, and recruits researchers of diverse backgrounds.

Mississippi Center for Supercomputing Research

Research work includes heuristics, graph and solving optimization problems, reformation and adaptive memory meta-heuristics.

MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Organizes research area that includes theory, perception and learning, and physical, biological and social systems.

NASA Advanced Supercomputing Division

Simulates space shuttle launches, projects impact of human activity and designs exploration vehicles.

National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)

Provides powerful computers and support to scientists and engineers. Includes background, projects, Blue Waters, and news.

NIST Information Technology Laboratory

Emphasizes computer security, digital information access, computational modeling and virtual measurements, software conformance and advanced networking.

NSF Science and Technology Center

Area of computer graphics includes modeling, rendering, user interfaces, and architectures.

Ohio Supercomputer Center

Presents research on blue collar computing, computational chemistry grid, and high-performance networks and file systems.

Ontario Research Center for Computer Algebra

Performs fundamental research and development in mathematical software, with topics on algorithms, linear and non-linear, and symbolic analysis.

Research and Development In Advanced Network Technology

Focuses on network architecture, monitoring and measurement, and computing. With details on papers, people, and job postings.

San Diego Supercomputer Center

Emphasizes on hardware technologies and integrative software technologies. Also offers data management, grid computing, bioinformatics and engineering disciplines.

Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute

Specializes on inverse and imaging problems, adaptive methods, geometric modeling, and numerical analysis.

Scientific Computing and Visualization

Provides resource on parallel computing systems and networks, scientific code parallelization and optimization, and scientific data visualization.

SRI International Computer Science Laboratory

Undertakes studies on the logical foundations of scalable systems that are not covered by traditional testing or simulation.

University of Southern California - Information Sciences Institute

Specializes in grid technology, knowledge systems, sensor networks, and digital government.

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