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Distributed Computing Research Groups

Caltech Parallel and Distributed Computing Group

Group that research on synthetic and natural distributed information systems. Presents profiles of team members.

CMU Systems Research Group

Presents projects including dynamic function placement for data-intensive cluster computing and remote execution for network-attached storage.

Columbia University Network Computing Laboratory

Research areas include operating systems, systems resource management, and interactive web and multimedia systems. Contains publications and list of projects.

Distributed Computing and Communications Laboratory

Focuses on experimental research of networked systems. Presents a list of recent and ongoing projects.

Distributed Multimedia Computing Lab

Research area includes networking and security, distributed and operating systems, fault-tolerance, and web technologies.

Distributed Systems Department

Projects of the group include grid troubleshooting, scientific data management tools, and multicast protocols. Provides reports and related links.

Distributed Systems Research

Area of focus includes mobile computing, real-time and fault-tolerant distributed systems.

MIT Parallel and Distributed Operating Systems Group

Works on extensive system services that include filesystems, networking, and languages. Contains publications and list of projects.

Modeling Concurrent Systems Group

Conducts research on concurrent behavior, applies programming and specification languages, and develops verification platform.

MTA Laboratory of Parallel and Distributed Systems

Product includes parallel grid run-time and application development environment, grid portal, mercury grid monitor, and SZTAKI desktop grid.

Panic Lab, Rutgers University

Reduces difficulty in implementing scalable services and human cost, and provides security to pervasive environments.

SRI Secure Systems

Presents members, projects like protocol specification language, papers and links.

Systems Research Group, University of Cambridge

Deals with artificial intelligence, automated reasoning, natural language and information processing, and graphics and interaction.

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