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Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)


Company develops milling CAD/CAM and NC verification software. Includes macro library, free software and product features.

Advanced Designs, Inc.

Presents a die design service for the tool and metal stamping industries. Comes with product reviews and samples.

Antech Micro Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Provides an overview about the company along with product reviews, news, and contact details.

Applied CIM Technologies Inc.

Provides training, setup, and modification of solutions while offering a modular approach through application.

Austin N.C., Inc.

Focuses on providing numerical control and CAD/CAM applications to meet various manufacturing needs.


Creates software tools and CAD/CAM products. With details on support services and product reviews.

CamSoft Corporation

Generates multimedia CAD/CAM and PC-based CNC controller products to various operating systems.

CNC Boenigk

Contains news archived, product reviews, pricing details, and downloads.

CNC Solutions, Inc.

Highlights a CAD/CAM system designed to solve the need for a trouble-free PC-based programming system.


Features an online community that fosters sharing of knowledge of the CNC technology.

Cornerstone Technology Inc.

Contains details on services offered, product reviews, news, and contact information.


Committed to supplying CAD/CAM software product development solutions for the manufacturing industry.

Delft Spline Systems

Specializes in the advancement of CAD/CAM software. Contains details about the company and contact information.


Provides software that creates and controls manufacturing systems.


Features a CAM software solution designed for production machining and die applications.

Resource pages for all Mastercam users that include discussion forum, product reviews, and productivity tools.

ESI Group

Virtual prototyping software to determine product behavior in crashes and other situations.


Provides broad range of products that covers the full manufacturing cycle and incorporates the latest user interface technology.

Specializes in providing CAD/CAM technology. Comes with updates and details on featured events.

Golden Software Engineers Pty Ltd.

Produces CAM and alloying software for the Australian and world market. Includes details on services and product reviews.

Provides computer-aided-design and cad conversion services for architects, engineers, governments, utilities and contractors.


Provides product descriptions of various CADCAM and Vector CADCAM from Centriforce.

Kentech Inc.

Offers solutions for machine shops that include programming, training, and setting up machines.


Develops verification technology and NC simulation for various hardware and software manufacturing industries.

MecSoft Corporation

Presents a company that provides Windows-based CAM software solutions for various manufacturing industries.

Mold and Die Design Solutions

Committed to developing 3D computer-aided mold design software. Comes with gallery and details on promotions.

Moldplus SA

Offers solutions for the manufacturing of surface designs. Includes FAQs, details on services, and contact information.


Features computer-aided design for monument dealers, cemeteries and funeral directors.

NCG CAM Solutions Ltd

Provides NCG CAM software to manufacture prototypes, models, moulds, dies, patterns and finished products.

NFR Partners Inc.

Committed to providing CNC program editor to complement CAD/CAM systems and for manual G-code programming.


Committed to developing CAD/CAM solutions. Comes with news and product reviews.


Aims to bring the CAD-CAM technology to the Windows desktop PC. Comes with updates and newsletter.


Contains an overview about the company, details on support services, and product reviews.

PTC – NC Graphics

Compiles news, product reviews, and details on support services.

Robo Systems

Serves as a training tool and alternative to AutoCAD, CADKEY and other CAD systems.

Router Solutions

Develops, markets and supports software technology for ECAD translation, data preparation, data analysis, and collaborative viewing.


Compiles list of CAD/CAM systems along with downloadable brochure and contact information.

SimTech S.A.R.L

Committed to providing software for product and process design along with structural analysis and design optimization.

Software Magic

Offers alternative for programming needs and a migration path towards integrated CAD CAM solution.


Provides an overview about the company along with product reviews, support services, and downloads.

Solution Ware

Offers CAD/CAM system for all CNC machines. Includes press releases and product reviews.

STA Berlin

Simulation for turning, milling, surfacing, sheet metal bending and wire cutting verification software for NC programs.

Surfware, Inc

Developers of SURFCAM powered by TrueMill CAD/CAM software system, for the aerospace, automotive and medical industries.

TCAM Development House

Highlights a software developer for PC-based CAD/CAM system throughout Taiwan.


Offers solutions for management activities, production, and design. Comes with details on services and downloads.

Varimetrix Corporation

Committed to providing concepts for design and manufacturing marketplace. Comes with downloads and product reviews.

Vero International Software

Provides specific applications for CAD, mould tool design, progressive die design, 2D, 3D, and high speed machining.

Vero International, Inc.

Develops CAD/CAM system for the tooling industry while implementing advanced strategies and solutions.

Weber Systems: Synergy

Compiles product information, details on support services, downloads, and links to related sources.

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