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Neural Networks Software

  • Amygdala

    Open source software developed to simulate spiking neural networks. Aims to use biologically accurate spike coding models to generate networks that perform well in real-time.

  • Annie

    Open source artificial neural network library for C++ with versions for both Windows and Linux.

  • EasyNN Plus

    Neural network software tool intended for forward planning, investment, insurance, valuation, travel, clinical testing, results prediction, climate modeling, and other similar uses.

  • Fast Artificial Neural Network Library (FANN)

    Free neural network library designed to implement multilayer artificial neural networks in C, supporting fully and sparsely connected networks.

  • Joone (Java Object Oriented Neural Engine)

    Artificial neural networks creation, training, and testing framework based on the most recent Java technologies.

  • LeavesRecognition

    Neural network based system for leaf identification that makes use of a previously trained Backpropagation Network.

  • libF2N2

    Feedforward neural network classes implemented in multiple languages and created with the ability to save and load neural network weights to the same file format.

  • Lightweight Neural Network++

    Free software providing a class which implements a general feedforward neural network and a simple GUI in TCL/TK for training networks.

  • NetMaker

    Open source neural networks simulator and designer developed to support the classification of particle interaction in high energy and neutrino physics experiments.

  • Neural Networks at your Fingertips

    Features a selection of ready-to-use neural network programs coded in portable, self-contained ANSI C.

  • NeuroX

    Neural network software add-ins for Microsoft Excel. With white papers, downloads, and ordering information.

  • Siemens: ECANSE

    Environment for Computer Aided Neural Software Engineering. Offers an extensive development environment for designing, simulating, and testing neural networks and their applications.

  • Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator

    Software developed at University of Stuttgart. Features a simulator kernel written in C and a graphical user interface under X11R4 or X11R5.

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