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Artificial Intelligence Games


    Comprehensive compilation of articles related to the use of artificial intelligence and graphics in game programming.

  • Artificial Intelligence for Computer Games

    Presents the fundamentals of the game programming application of artificial intelligence concepts. With a bibliography and related links.

  • CGF-AI

    Collection of annotated links that provide information on tactical and general game artificial intelligence implementations.

  • Chinook

    Program developed with the intelligence to defeat the human World Checkers Champion.

  • Game AI

    Aims to incorporate artificial intelligence in various games. Includes forum discussions, polls, and information on conferences.

  • – Artificial Intelligence

    Contains articles, resources, and forums for discussions pertaining to Artificial Intelligence in games.

  • SimBionic

    Features components that enable designers and developers to incorporate artificial intelligence in games and simulations.

  • University of Alberta GAMES Group

    Research group created to develop real-time programs for strategic game-playing.

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