Educational Physics Instruments and Supplies in the Best of the Web Directory

Educational Physics Instruments and Supplies

ASCOL - Academic Sciences Company

Offers physics-based laboratory equipment used for educational and recreational purposes.

Cambridge Physics Outlet

Presents catalogs and description of the equipment and software solf for teaching integrated math, science, and technology.


Shows equipment used as resource tools for teaching mechanics, timing, optics, waves, and radioactivity.

Economatics Education Limited

Proffers power supplies, datalogging systems, and laboratory equipment.

Educational Innovations

Compiles links to science workshop supplies and materials for labs, classrooms, school workshops, and universities.

Educational Scientific Supplies Co. (Essco)

Manufactures scientific instruments used as educational resources on learning institutions.

Electronic Kourseware Interactive

Provides electronic kits, software, and course curriculum for courses on electronics, physics, and computers.

Exploratorium Museum Store

Sells scientific toys and games, puzzles, gifts, and classroom resources.

Flinn Scientific

Features lab safety and design information and proffers educational scientific supplies.

Frey Scientific

Shows product catalogs, features educational resources, and provides research details.

Gaussboys Super Magnets

Displays featured items, shows specification details, and provides glossary of magnetism terms.

Gyroscopes Online

Offers gyroscopes for recreation and demonstration purposes and discusses delivery and price details.

Henschke Geraetebau

Sells educational apparatus for use on schools and educational institutions. Includes contact details.

Indigo Instruments

Proffers software, tools, and scientific equipment used as educational reference to education institutions.

Klingler Educational Products Corporation

Features the company’s demonstration equipment and crystal models used as teaching resources.

Low Temperature and Solar Stirling Engines

Offers external combustion engines for demonstrating the conversion of low-temperature heat into mechanical energy.

Merlan Scientific

Provides equipment for demonstrating scientific, engineering, and technological concepts.

Modern School Supplies

Sells products that act as reference guides for science and technology education.

NADA Scientific

Shows catalogs of products used for students and teachers for demonstrating physical, chemical, and biological laws.

PASCO Scientific

Features interactive computer-based demonstrations used for activities on the various scientific fields.


Shows the download information, ordering details, and highlights of the interactive media resource for physics courses.

Prolab Scientific

Produces laboratory equipment for physics-based learning to educational institutions.


Sells models, kits, and devices that are used as tools for interactive learning experiences in the laboratory or class.

Science First

Features the company's interactive science puzzlers and products used as a teaching tool for math, science, and technology classes.

Solar Sam's Alternative Energy Innovations

Provides science kits used for exploring concepts of solar concepts.

Spectrum Techniques, Inc.

Proffers nuclear science equipment used on structural engineering subjects.

Supersaturated Environments

Explains advances in cosmic rays and natural radioactivity.

TEL-Atomic Incorporated

Contains descriptions, images, and specifications of the sold educational apparatuses.

Vernier Software

Provides product catalogs, shows customer testimonials, and presents company highlights.

Working Model

Highlights software that models and simulates various physical phenomenas.

Ztek Multimedia for Physics Education

Features the product that contains video and still lessons on different physics concepts.

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