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Instruments and Supplies Physics Supplies

  • AJA International Inc.

    Supplies microwave power, substrate heaters, sputtering systems and targets, ion sources, and RF/DC power equipment.

  • Angstrom Engineering Inc.

    Provides research and pre-production equipment solutions. Shows product brochures and presents price quotations.

  • Besocke Delta Phi GmbH

    Sells instruments used on research and development in physics, chemistry, engineering, and biology fields.

  • Bioscan, Inc.

    Manufactures instrumentation used on liquid scintillation, radioisotope counting, and gamma detectors.

  • Colutron Research Corporation Home Page

    Manufactures ion sources, guns, and components. Also produces beam imaging systems.

  • Correlator.Com

    Manufactures and distributes digital correlators used on spectroscopy applications.

  • Danfysik

    Provides product and technical development of particle accelerators used in medical research laboratories.

  • Drivesoft LLC

    Provides instrumentations used for data acquisition systems. Shows quality control specifications and ordering information.

  • FEMTO Messtechnik GmbH

    Sells signal amplifiers, modules, and photorecievers used on scientific and production applications.

  • Hastings Instruments

    Shows product reviews, sales location details, and company highlights.

  • Integrated Design Tools

    Features highlights and news updates of the producer of proVISION and sharpVISION products and software.


    Highlights the company that supplies technologies used for measuring pressure, force, and acceleration.

  • LabSmith Innovative Laboratory Electronics

    Sells electronics used for timing, sequencing, coordination, and integration control purposes.

  • LDS Leak Detectors

    Provides systems and detectors for helium leaks. Also sells vacuum components and spare parts.

  • Mad City Labs, Inc.

    Sells nanopositioning systems. Contains product guides, sales details, and technical descriptions.

  • Mass Spec Components

    Proffers support for magnetic mass spectrometers; and sells spare parts and consumables.

  • Mesytec GBR

    Sells electronics and readout systems used on particle and photon detector equipment.

  • Micro Photonics Inc.

    Produces precision instruments for determining nano-mechanical properties of thin films, coatings, and subrates.

  • Micromeritics Instrument Corporation

    Highlights instruments that evaluate surface areas for particles, pore size, material densities, and zeta potentials.

  • Neocera Inc.

    Offers surface scanning services, sells thin-film technologies, and highlights metrology advances.


    Sells measurement systems, electronic instruments and radiation detectors used on nuclear spectroscopy and analysis.

  • Oxford Applied Research

    Vend ion and atom sources, gas crackers, and UHV components that are used for surface science and MBE applications.

  • Oxford Plasma Sources

    Proffers plasma sources that are used on surface sciences, thin-film deposition, and MBE experiments.

  • Oxford Scientific Ltd

    Sells different plasma, atom, ion, and hydrogen sources.

  • Pacific Nanotechnology, Inc.

    Proffers services and scanning probe equipment used on nanotechnology and nanoscience applications and experiments.

  • Partition Enterprises Pty Ltd

    Offers density tracers which are used to determine characteristics of density separators. Contains product list, price quotations, and result details.

  • Quantum Design, Inc.

    Compiles technical resources, provides product lists, and shows conference highlights.

  • Rare-Earth Magnets

    Provides rare-earth magnets and films. Shows technological highlights and product galleries.

  • Scientific Equipment and Services

    Contains catalogs of laboratory equipment and instruments used for BS and MS applications.

  • S-DH GmbH

    Develops mechanical and optical devices used for different physical experimentations.

  • Semetrol

    Proffers technological systems used for semiconductor characterization and analysis.

  • Silicon Sensing Systems Japan, Ltd

    Sells gyroscope lines that feature micro-machine ring resonators.

  • SMI Lab

    Develops and manufactures photonic crystalline materials and instrumentations.

  • SPECS GmbH

    Shows product catalogs of surface analysis components and systems; provides publication lists, and compiles resource links.

  • Surface Concept GmbH

    Shows product lines on delay line detectors used for electron detection, electron optics, and surface analysis.

  • Teledyne Hastings Instruments

    Manufactures flow and vacuum instrumentations for use on measurement and control applications of vacuum and gases.

  • TrueOptics, Inc.

    Sells optical components and crystals for industries dealing with optics, telecoms, and lasers.

  • UHV Design

    Shows product lines, discusses technical specifications, and presents price guides.

  • Vatell Corporation

    Contains product specifications, buying guides, and service descriptions of the company dealing with microsensors and heat flux gages.

  • Vorg Electronics

    Proffers transformers used for lamps, tube bases, cables, and for various custom-built electronic equipment.

  • Voss Scientific

    Sells instrumentation and equipment that are used for satellite telemetry, microwave sources, and for data acquisition and analysis.

  • WITec GmbH

    Provides company profiles, product development details, and contact information.

  • X-TRONIX Scientific and Industrial Technologies

    Features product discounts, shows schedules of trade shows, and presents company profiles.

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