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Living History and Replica Weapons

Albion Swords

Offers hand-made, limited edition museum-quality swords, fully functional swords, swords for reeneactors and for stage combat. Includes a video of swords being made.

Armadillo Armory

Online store for ancient, medieval and renaissance armor. Includes chainmaille, leather armor, paddings, weapons and helmets.

Arms & Armor

Founded by a professional jouster and selling replicas, the majority of being in the Medieval and Renaissance styles. Includes swords, rapiers, daggers, armor, and pole arms, and customized family heirloom items.

Arms of Valor

Supplier of Medieval weapon and armor products including arrows, longbows, shields, and claymores.

Brothersmith Swords

Medieval swords, Bowie knives and fencing foils from Spain plus historical replicas of guns, swords, knives, armor and stage props.

Collector's Armoury Ltd

Company in Northern Virginia retailing historic reproductions, military collectibles and replica guns, gifts and collectibles. Includes black powder firing guns and safety warnings.

Kasto Armoury

Produces replicas for swordsmen, production for museums, collectors of decoration of period interirr and also for the movies and theatres.

Medieval Swords

Source for hand-crafted medieval weapons and armor, swords, shields, knives, armor, daggers, rapiers.

Starfire Swords Ltd

Retailer of bladed weapons for costume, decoration, and staged combat, all without edges or points, and produced in New York, USA. Displays sections on steel and leather products, and gift certificates.


Products available include ancient Greek and Roman swords and armor, katanas, martial arts gear, TV and movie swords and replicas, Medieval gear, sealing wax, wooden swords, and traditional daggers.

The Web Collection

Specializes in swords and collectible weaponry. Sells battle axes, daggers and knives, replica guns, display shields, battle helmets, and Medieval and samurai swords.

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