Best Aquatic Garden Online Stores and Water Garden Suppliers

Water Garden Products

  • AquaNooga

    Provides an online catalog of water garden products, supplies, and kits. Also, offers related news and resourceful information on managing your water garden.

  • Aquascape Pond Supplies

    Selling pond supplies and equipment, pond pumps, filters, water treatments, fish food.

  • Dragonfly Aquatics

    Offering online sales of water garden plants, fish, snails and pond supplies.


    Online retailer for quality pond and garden products and information.

  • Graystone Creations

    Offers pond kits, EPDM pond liners, pondless waterfall kits and a full line of pond supplies.

  • Hill Country Water Gardens

    Water gardening resource providing a variety of water plants, water falls, fountains, liners, fish, and garden care products.

  • Koi Market

    Provides fish and supplies including koi for sale, pond filters, pond pumps, pond aerators, fish antibiotics, UV sterilizers, as well as pond installations and maintenance services.

  • Lilypons Water Gardens

    Online shopping for water plants, pond lighting and accessories, as well as local pond installation and maintenance services.

  • Liners Online

    Offers information about buying pond liners online including PVC liners, tank liners, and repair materials.

  • Living Water Aeration

    Large inventory of pond fountains and aerators including pond aerators, fountains, waterfall kits, finer optic lighting, pond pumps, pondless waterfalls, pond kits and many more.

  • Pond Appeal

    Source for pond kits and pond supplies including aquascape pumps, preformed pond liners, pond fountain heads, and pond plants.

  • Pond Liner

    Provides water garden and pond supplies online. Products include fish pond liners, pond pumps, pond filters, pond vacuums, pond lights, and pond kits.

  • Premium Aquascapes

    Services, products and information from a certified Aquascape contractor on the installation and maintenance of Aquascape ponds, streams, waterfalls and more. Find listings for educational do it yourself seminars.

  • Raindeck

    Manufactures splash pads for residential homes and communities.

  • Virginia Water Gardens

    Offering pond kits, pumps, tubing, liner, spitters.

  • The Water Garden Shop

    Features online sales of water plants, pond pumps, pond liners, filters and pond accessories.

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