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    Features prescription, non-prescription, and emergency birth control and contraceptives.

  • ContraGel

    A natural alternative to spermicide designed for use with FemCap. Offers instructions with FAQ and shopping options for the UK, USA and Ireland.

  • Essure

    California based clinic providing permanent birth control involving no hormones or surgery. Highlights the benefits and risks and offers patient stories.

  • Mirena

    An intrauterine contraceptive device that delivers a small amount of hormone into the uterus. Includes US contacts for prescriptions.

  • NuvaRing

    A flexible vaginal ring approved for the prevention of pregnancy in women. Explains how the ring works and where to purchase.

  • Ortho Evra

    A contraceptive patch worn by women that is reported to be as effective as the pill. Offers FAQ, risk details and where to obtain this prescribed patch.

  • Today Sponge

    Official site reports effectiveness, ingredients, warnings, and directions with details of where to buy both in store and online.

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