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Light Therapy Products and Services

Alaska Northern Lights

Manufacturer of NorthStar 10,000 Light Box. Provides general information on light therapy and product specifications. Insurance form letter is downloadable. ALso includes ordering details.

BioBrite, Inc.

Carries innovative light therapy products including Light Visor, Jet Lag Visor, SunRise Clock, Winter Lite and a full line of light boxes. Know more about these products and the disorders they address. Online purchasing offers 100% moneyback guarantee.

Bioptron Light Therapy

Official site features history of light therapy, medical indications, application, events, services, products, and quality certification.

Day Light

Offers light therapy products recommended by the Center for Environmental Therapeutics. Site also features light therapy news, product reviews, and an overview of how light therapy works.

Emerson Worldwide

Specializes in light-based wellness and pain management technologies including infrared light, cold lasers, magnet wraps, and FAR infrared thermal therapy solutions.

Equine Light Therapy

Specializes in light therapy products and solutions for horses and canines.


Phototherapy products offered as an alternative to traditional bright light desktop devices. Addresses problems associated with seasonal affective disorder, insomnia, jet lag, shift change, and peak performance issues.

Full Spectrum Solutions

Light therapy products specialist providing light boxes, therapy lamps, dawn simulators, as well as commercial lighting.

Health Light Inc.

Offers light therapy eyewear for Seasonal Affective Disorder. Site presents testimonials and client information.

Interlight Technologies

Offers light therapy services. Contains information about light therapy, color light mind/body healing and color light healing sessions. Also features energetic ergonomic tips. FAQs included. Members can access online sessions.

Light Therapy Products

Offers floor and desk lamps, lights for acne and skin rejuvenation, office lighting products, light boxes, and full spectrum light bulbs.


Personal light therapy products with a patented LED technology designed for Seasonal Affective Disorder, jet lags, and shift work.

Nova MegaFitness Inc.

Canadian supplier of light therapy products for improving physical and mental health.

The SADLight Super-Store

Specializes in items for Seasonal Depression Disorders and other similar conditions. Offers dawn simulators, light boxes, desk lights, and light visors.

SunBox Company

Maker of light boxes and visors. Browse online store and visit Qwik Shop to order and buy. Also features resources that includes extended bibliography and links to other related sites.

Sunnex Biotechnologies

Offers low intensity light therapy lamps for sleep and mood disorders. Provides facts about SAD and light therapy plus possible damages of bright and blue light therapy. Also includes steps on how to use available products for sale/rent.

THOR Photomedicine Ltd.

Source for Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) or cold laser products for addressing pains and facilitating the healing of wounds.

Sells light therapy devices and other SAD treatment products from various manufacturers.

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