Historical and Replica Armor in the Best of the Web Directory

Historical and Replica Armor

  • Dark Victory Armory

    Makes lightweight, low maintenance, high performance armor.

  • DarkHeart Armoury

    Custom reproduction armour from Greek antiquity to the 16th century, from Rome to Japan, for the collector or combatant.

  • Icefalcon Armory

    Builds quality helmets, breast plates, aluminum shields, rattan and stainless steel armor for SCA fighters and other groups.

  • Inner Bailey

    Specializes in medieval and renaissance leather goods.

  • Noble Plastics, Inc.

    Specializing in plastic lamellar plates manufactured for use in historical reenactment, historical costuming, fantasy costuming, or any other activity enhanced by a medieval fashion flair.

  • Norton Armouries

    Manufacturing quality LRP armour in hybrid polyurethane.

  • Ravensmoon Replicas

    Specializes in handmade replicas of medieval and early renaissance items, clothing, jewelry, accessories, weapons and armor.

  • Valentine Armouries

    Armour and weapons custom-made for film and tv, specialty props, historical armour reproductions for collectors.

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