Historical and Replica Armor in the Best of the Web Directory

Historical and Replica Armor

Dark Victory Armory

Makes lightweight, low maintenance, high performance armor.

DarkHeart Armoury

Custom reproduction armour from Greek antiquity to the 16th century, from Rome to Japan, for the collector or combatant.

Icefalcon Armory

Builds quality helmets, breast plates, aluminum shields, rattan and stainless steel armor for SCA fighters and other groups.

Illusion Armoring

Armoring for medieval, SCA, re-enactors, collectors, living history.

Inner Bailey

Specializes in medieval and renaissance leather goods.

Noble Plastics, Inc.

Specializing in plastic lamellar plates manufactured for use in historical reenactment, historical costuming, fantasy costuming, or any other activity enhanced by a medieval fashion flair.

Norton Armouries

Manufacturing quality LRP armour in hybrid polyurethane.

Ravensmoon Replicas

Specializes in handmade replicas of medieval and early renaissance items, clothing, jewelry, accessories, weapons and armor.

Valentine Armouries

Armour and weapons custom-made for film and tv, specialty props, historical armour reproductions for collectors.

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