Antique and Collectible Medieval and Renaissance Weapons in the Best of the Web Directory

Antique and Collectible Medieval and Renaissance Weapons

Angel Sword

Offering hand forged custom swords, Japanese katana, rapiers, Viking saex, sabers, tulwar, scimitars, Chinese dao.

Armor Venue

Offers medieval weapons, ancient Roman weapons, Civil War weapons, samurai swords.

Arms & Armor, Inc.

Source for hand-made weapons and armor.

Atlanta Cutlery Corp.

Knives, swords, cutting tools, antique firearms and historical reproductions through the 21st century.

Bright Blades

Offering a selection of swords, armor, knives and related items replicated from many cultures and eras of history as well as fantasy.

By The Sword

Offering medieval swords, clothing, renaissance clothing, leather armour, LARP gear, chainmail and helms.

CAS Hanwei

Providing reenactors and role-players with a selection of armour and period accessories.

CB Swords

Offers swords, blades, knives, other weapons, and medieval or fantasy collectibles.

Dark Knight Armoury

Designs custom, hand-crafted legal armour for SCA and LARP events.

Darksword Armory

Offering combat ready swords, individually hand forged using the same techniques as those used during the 14th Century.

Dragons Cavern

Source for collectible fantasy swords and other weapons such as spears, axes and daggers.

Dungeon Knight

Offers collectibles such as medieval and fantasy swords, weapons, armor, jewelry, and more.

Gothic Fantasy

Offering a variety of customized swords, armor, weaponry, apparel, leather working and accessories.

Heavenly Swords

Offering medieval weapons, shields, and helmets to fantasy daggers and movie replicas.

Knights Edge

Designs and sells hand-made battle-ready swords, medieval weapons, armor and related collectibles.

Oddessy Martial Arts Supply

Features functional Japanese and Medieval swords, a large selection of knives, and many collector's items.


Offers an extensive selection of Roman to Renaissance merchandise with the collector and reenactor in mind.

Offering Japanese Samurai weapons, swords, medieval knight armor, Scottish armour, shields, chain mail, helmets.

Offering swords, daggers, armor, medieval and renaissance weapons, complete lines of medieval, fantasy and oriental weaponry.

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