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Industrial Minerals

  • Ashapura Group of Companies

    Indian mine owner, processor, and exporter of bentonite, bauxite, and allied minerals.

  • Bear River Zeolite

    Mines and sells pure natural zeolite.

  • CR Minerals Company, LLC

    Producer of health-safe industrial minerals. Amorphous silica and pumice are performance minerals for industrial products.

  • Detroit Salt Company, LLC

    Mines rock salt for de-icing of roads in the Midwest.

  • Gayatri Fillers Pvt. Ltd.

    Supplier of white minerals, calcite, talc, dolomite, china-clay, barytes, mica.

  • GSA Resources, Inc.

    Produces zeolites and specialty clay products. Provides consulting services on the uses and applications of specialty and performance industrial minerals.

  • HuaMei Talc Development Co. Ltd.

    Produces a series of talc products which are widely used in medicine, food, cosmetics, paper-making, plastics, ceramic, rubber, fireproof materials, coatings.

  • Idwala

    Produces calcium carbonate and other industrial minerals for the paper, paint, plastics and chemical industries.

  • Laviosa Chimica Mineraria

    Research, production and distribution of bentonite.

  • Luzenac

    Produces, ships and sells talc.

  • Minelco

    International supplier of bentonite, olivine, ultracarb, and industrial minerals.

  • Minera Formas

    Mining, processing, and sales-services related with phosphate rock, calcium carbonate and zeolites.

  • Minera Sabater

    Specialised in the extraction, processing and sale of white clays, principally for the ceramics industry.

  • NYCO

    Producer of wollastonite, a mild abrasive polishing compound, filler and extender in paint, plastics, rubber and enamels.

  • Paramount Corporation

    Wholesale and retail sales of mica and mica products, including mica splittings, block mica, mica flakes, phlogopite mica, mica gaskets, mica washers.

  • Pumex

    Distributes pumice, abrasives, pumice powders, grains, lumps, calcium carbonate, talc, perlite, aluminium oxide, glass beads.

  • Qu├ębec Cartier Mining Company

    Produces iron ore concentrate processed into pellets.

  • Serina Kaolin

    Supplier of high quality, water-washed kaolin (china clay).

  • Shanxi Jinyang Calcined Kaolin Ltd.

    Produces calcined kaolin used as coating pigment and filling in papermaking, and as filling and extender in plastic, rubber, pigment, ink, food additive, cosmetic and pesticides.

  • St.Cloud Zeolite Mining

    Site presents a company overview, data sheets, list of applications, and sales contacts.

  • Zhejiang Huate Group

    Produces bentonite, bleaching earth, organic-bentonite, nanometer organic-bentonite.

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