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Public Relations Agencies

AAHSOME Communications

High technology public relations firm working for software companies.

Aarohan Communications

Uses strategic communication as a tool for public relations.


Offers marketing public relations services to industrial and technology industries.

Ackermann PR

Integrated marketing communications firm providing various PR and communications solutions.

ADA Creative Communications

Designs and executes publicity and marketing campaigns for many industries.

Adfactor Public Relations

Provides a wide range of public relations and communication services for companies in India.

The Aker Partners

Offers marketing communications, public relations, public affairs, healthcare and technology services.

Alan Weinkrantz and Company

Features strategic public relations to technology based companies. Site includes news and case studies.

Aldag Communications, Inc.

Homepage of the company features various solutions for public relations and advertising needs.

Allison and Partners

Conceptualizes communication programs for needs related to consumer products and services.

Amy Levy PR

Overview of the company with information on its services related to public relations and marketing.

Andreasson Public Relations

Company dedicated to providing services for brand building PR, media relations, and strategic communications needs.

Anne Klein and Associates

Public relations counselors offering reputation management, corporate communications and strategic solutions services. .

APCO Worldwide Inc.

Global communication consultancy specializing in forming relationships with key stakeholders of organizations.

Armanasco Public Relations, Inc.

Features community relations, counseling, crisis management, event management, and other public relations related services.

Austin Newman Ltd

Providing public relations and communications consultancy services to public sector organizations and small businesses.

Ayers Strategic Public Relations

PR experts for issue management, public affairs, high-technology, business-to-business and marketing communications areas.

The B&B Media Group, Inc.

Providing solutions to publicity, public relations, audio programming, and media services needs.

BackBone, Inc.

Company specializes in providing public relations, marketing communications, and business plans services.

Bagwell Marketing

Official site of the company presents information on offered advertising, public relations, and marketing services.

Barks Communications

Features stories, articles, and media trainings to enhance public relations skills.

bcc + gem

Offers full advertising, copywriting, and public relations services.

Berry and Company

Develops public relations strategies to introduce products to market.

Big Sky Communications

Offers public relations and customer reference programs services.

Blanc and Otus

Technology companies' partner for public relations strategies.

Bowdens MediaSource

Presenting various solutions for different media intelligence needs.

New Brickman Marketing

An award-winning marketing and public relations consultancy.

Cape Public Relations

Australian-based PR company offering marketing services that include public relations, crisis management, and media training.

The Capital Group

Offers integrated marketing communications services to major Australian and international corporations.

Capitol Associates Incorporated

Access to lobbying, public relations, and government affairs information.

Caponigro Public Relations Inc.

Offers information and services related to public relations and crisis management.

Carney and Associates

Highlights publicity services for lifestyle areas/topics.

Carolyn Grisko & Associates, Inc.

Features a full-service firm specializing in public relations, issues management and marketing since 1995.

Carr Marketing Communications Inc.

Provides strategic planning, consulting and marketing communications services.

CarterTodd and Associates, Inc.

Offers public relations and marketing services to various companies and organizations.

Caryl Communications, Inc.

Homepage of the public relations and marketing firm presents information on services, clients, and resources.

Cause Communications

Details the company's public relations and marketing services. With client testimonials and resources.

Chaplin Public Relations

Singapore-based public relations agency offering PR services in Singapore and Southeast Asia.


Provider of high technology public relations services.

Clarity Communications, Inc.

Information resource devoted to the company's public relations and communications services.

Clear Group

Company dedicated to providing public relations, consulting, and marketing services.

Cohen Communications

Boutique PR agency focusing on media relations, special events, and strategic marketing.

Cohesive Communications

Presenting the company's specialties in marketing, consultancy, and public relations services.

Concentre Communications, Inc.

Overview of the company's marketing and public relations services with client testimonials and contact details.

Conkling Fiskum and McCormick

Company profile with information on services that include marketing, communications, and public relations.

Connect Public Relations

Brief history of the company with information on its services related to public relations.

CooperKatz and Company

Contains profile of the company with details on its offered marketing and public relations services.

Cuclis PR

Access to tips, information, and services related to public relations.

Cut-It-Out Communications, Inc.

Public relations agency located in Westchester County, New York, specializing in online activities.

DAR Public Relations

Details public relations services that cover target marketing, media buying, and market research.

DBA Public Relations

Offers products and services for public relations.

Debbie McCarthy Public Relations

Introduces products to a wide range of media. Includes advertising, design, newsletters, web site development, and exhibition support.

The DeMoss Group

Focuses on providing public relations services to faith-based organizations and enterprises.

Dovetail Public Relations

For news, updates, testimonials and high tech media and analyst relations services.

Drum Marketing Communications

Site provides information pertaining to various services for marketing and public relations.

Eberly & Collard Public Relations

A national, full-service, multi-disciplined firm.


News and information on the company including details on its offered public relations services.

Elmets Communications

Specializes in communications consulting for businesses, trade associations, public officials, and government organizations.

Environics Communications Inc.

Online resource for information devoted to public relations and public affairs services.

Epoch 5 Public Relations

Award-winning firm specializing in corporate communications, media relations, crisis management, social media, community and government relations.


Offering public relations services focused on emerging markets and reputation management areas.

Eric Bauer Marketing Consultants

Specialized services for public relations, advertising, sales training, web site design, hosting and creative content.

Executive Media Communications Consultants, Inc.

Offers writing, editing, media relations, media training, crisis management, event management, and other public relations services.

Feehan Communications

Services offered include strategic planning, reputation management, crisis counsel, and publicity.

Feinstein Kean Healthcare

Contains information about strategy and communications for the life science and healthcare industries.

Firmani + Associates

Full-service public relations and marketing firm. Site provides information on practice areas and contact references.

First International Resources, LLC

International corporate and political firm specializes in crisis management and strategic communications counseling.

First Past The Post

Features services such as web site design, e-commerce solutions, multimedia design, communications planning, and more.

Fisher and Associates

Full-service public relations and marketing communications firm. Site includes information on clients and achievements.

Fleishman-Hillard Inc.

Company profile, client solutions, and global reach information.


Specializes in providing public relations services for the information technology and telecommunications industries.

Franco Public Relations Group

Independent public relations firm offering different communication services, media and presentation training.

Frement PR

Presenting the firm's specialties in public relations consultancy and event management.

Furia Rubel

Communication services for business and professional development solutions gives out details of programs, with news and articles.

G.S. Schwartz and Co. Inc.

Resource for public and investor relations, and digital marketing.


Company dedicated to providing public relations and marketing services.

Gibbs and Soell

Contains company profile with information on offered corporate and marketing communications services.

Ginny Richardson Public Relations

Public relations agency located in Hinsdale, Illinois, specializing in media relations and social media activities. PR_Richardson

Global Fluency

Overview of the firm's technology marketing and public relations services.

Gold Rush Communications

Features services related to corporate, executive, and marketing communications.

Goldberg McDuffie Communications, Inc.

Specialized public relations services for publishers and authors.

Golden Public Relations

Offers strategic pr, marketing, and communications expertise in China.

Goldstein Group Communications

For technology companies in need of public relations, advertising, graphic design, internet marketing, and direct marketing services.

Gordon C. James Public Relations

Offers event management, media relations, and government affairs.

Graham and Associates

Providing a wide range of international public relations and marketing communications solutions.

The Graubard Group

Offers a wide range of marketing communications services to small and large companies.

Greg McAndrews and Associates

Acts as corporate finance specialists to provide advertising, public relations and marketing services.

Halldin Public Relations

Company profile with information on offered marketing and public relations services.

Haslimann Taylor

Offers services for PR audit, consultancy, media training, creative solutions, and media relations needs.

Hass MS&L

Specializes in public relations, PR technology, and media research.

High Road Communications

PR firm dedicated to assisting technology, consumer and telecommunications companies expand their business.

High-Tech Public Relations

Offers public relations and marketing consultation services for high-technology products and companies.

HighWater Group

Official website of the company presenting details on its various public relations services.

Hilary Kaye Associates, Inc.

Site contains company profile with information on offered public relations and marketing communications services.

Hill and Knowlton

Full-service consultancy for public relations and public affairs.

The Hoffman Agency

Specializes in providing PR services to high technology and internet companies worldwide.

Hoffman and Hoffman Worldwide

Solutions and services for global media and public relations needs.

Horizons Communications

Company homepage featuring information on offered services related to public relations and marketing needs.

Horn Group

Assists technology companies through information and marketing.

Image One PR Consulting

Company specializes in providing branding, media relations, editorial, creative, and interactive marketing and multimedia services.

Impact PR and Design

Presents services for media relations, publications, web design, advertising, and creative needs.

Jane Shotliff Press and Public Relations

Contains information for press public relations, marketing, rewriting and sub-editing, and training services needs.

Jean Newton Public Relations

Access to information related to public relations, advertising, and marketing communications services needs.

John Adams Associates Inc.

Details services that include strategic research and planning, crisis prevention and management, media relations and communications training.


Publishing company with a passion for pets. Offers publishing, marketing, and public relations.


Company focused on providing web design and graphic services for consumer, commercial, institutional, media and industrial markets.

KCSA Public Relations Worldwide

Company specializing in business and consumer marketing communications services.

Kellen Communications

Resource for insights and information pertaining to public relations services.

The Kennedy Group

Features services for public relations, e-business, and business development needs.

Kestrel Worldcom

Offers services for media relations, community affairs, internal and crisis communications, media training, publications, and event management needs.

KMR Communications, Inc.

Uses media exposure for product promotion.

Kyodo Public Relations Co., Ltd.

Presents a wide range of public relations services in Japan.

L.C. Williams and Associates

Information about the company, plus public relations and research counseling insights.

Lagrant Communications

Specialized services for advertising, marketing, and public relations.

Lawrence Ragan Communications, Inc.

Publishes corporate communications, public relations, and development newsletters.

Leavitt Communications

Offering advertising, marketing, and public relations services for various industries.

Levick Strategic Communications

Deals with litigation and trials, crisis management, corporate and finance, and other related services.

Levine Communications Office

Information on the company's media relations, strategic communications, materials creation and ancillary services.

Lewis Global Public Relations

Let company products be known through high-impact public relations campaigns.

Leyden Communications (Israel)

Offers consultancy services for international marketing and business development services, media relations, and other programs.

Lilja Inc.

Provides a wide range of public relations solutions for various companies.


Company dedicated to providing public relations, marketing communications, and advertising services.

Lois Paul and Partners

Showcases a wide range of strategic communications services for many companies.

M. Silver Associates Inc.

Answers needs for public relations, marketing and communications services.

Macy + Associates

Uses advertising, public relations, graphic design, and electronic communications for brand development and management. .

MAD House Graphics

Offers services for marketing, advertising, and printing.

Marketing Works

Details services that include strategy and brand development, public relations, marketing communication, electronic communication, and direct response.

Marshall Jennings PR

Providing publicity services for high technology industries in the UK.

Martino Flynn

Presenting the company's specialties in public relations, print advertising, interactive, and direct marketing services.

Matas and Associates

Provides public relations, media relations, media training, design and photography services.


Public relations services for technology advertising, technology public relations, and technology internet marketing.

MediaBridge Public Relations

Presents a wide array of public relations and communications services.

Miller Public Relations

Specializes in media, creative, interactive, and staff training services.

Mitchell Friedman Communications

Answers a variety of public relations needs and services. Includes consulting, training and coaching.

Moore Consulting Group

Providing marketing, public relations, advertising, design and public affairs services.

Motion PR

Chicago-based public relations agency focusing on product launches, media relations, and grassroots outreach to help build brands.


Offering strategic communications planning and implementation processes for various companies.

NDP Publicity Services

Publicity services specialized in sports management, journalism, public relations, and television and production.

Neale-May and Partners

Puts companies, brands and products to its target market.

Newman Communications

Customized public relation services for literary publicity and corporate public relations.

News Generation, Inc.

Utilizes radio techniques to provide radio placements services.

Nicole Gill-Ottinger Public Relations

Company profile with information on offered public relations, advertising, and web designs services.

Odney Advertising

Portal to public relations, marketing, advertising, and market research information.

The Oxford Group

Providing a wide range of marketing, advertising, and graphic designs services.

Panarc International

Focuses in media research, media analysis, and media consultancy.

Paradigm Promotions

Information and insights pertaining to international public relations and marketing communications.

Pat Meier Associates

Concentrates on result-oriented public relations programs for technology companies.

PBN Company

Offers a wide range of strategic communications consultancy services worldwide.

Pelican Public Relations

Services include marketing consultancy, strategic counsel, media relations, crisis management and media training.

Pennington PR

Features consumer and business-to-business public relations and marketing services to various companies.

Perkett PR

Company specializing in strategic planning and execution, employee relations, media and analyst relations, and other public relations services.

Porter Novelli

Global public relations company focused in building distinct communication programs.

Practical Media Services

Offers services ranging from public relations to media buying, marketing, and outsourcing.

PRAP Public Relations Consultants, Inc.

Highlights an array of communications services for companies and organizations operating in China.

Public Communications Inc.

Full-service public relations and marketing communications agency.

Quantum Communications

Contains information pertaining to strategic counsel, media relations, writing and editorial, project management, broadcast media, and other services.

Recognition PR

Caters to those searching for public relations and media relations services.

RK Bechtel

Online home of the company featuring information on offered services focused on media relations and marketing.

Robert Michael Communications

Details services that include educational and promotional programs, editorial, meeting and event management.

Rocket Science

Showcases high-technology communications services for strategic marketing solutions and public relations.

The Rodi Company

Provides workshops, seminars, and training related to public relations and marketing.

Ruder Finn

Featuring global connectivity services public relations and marketing needs.

S and S Public Relations, Inc.

Providing public relations strategies and media relations services to specific industries.

The Sage Group, Inc.

Strategic communications agency for investor relations, public relations, and marketing communications services.


Highlights public relations strategy, corporate communications, and internet PR services.

SDB Associates

Information resource for the company's project management, business development, marketing, and PR services.

Sheila Allee Communications

Provides guides, tips and services for writing speeches.

Shoor and Company

Full-service public relations agency specializing in information technology. Site includes news and information on clients.

Sierra Communications

Company dedicated to providing public relations, marketing and communications, and web work services.

SJ Miller Communications

Develops media strategies for authors and publishers.

Southwest Strategies LLC

Features a wide range of communications services from strategic planning to public outreach, media relations, government relations, and more.

The Spi Group LLC

Company devoted to providing public relations, on-line marketing, internet site development and maintenance services.

New Stanton & Company

A full-service marketing and PR agency.

Stanton Communications

Conducts business marketing programs for corporations and nonprofit organizations.

Stanton Crenshaw Communications

Communications services for brand marketing, financial services, business-to-business and corporate communications areas. .


Providing solutions to various marketing, communications, and designs needs.

Steege/Thomson Communications

Offering a wide range of media relations and marketing services to nonprofit organizations.

Stephenson Group

Specializes in providing public relations services for different corporations.

Straightline Communications, LLC

Resource for advertising, marketing and public relations services.

Susan Sears and Associates

Overview of the company with information on offered marketing and public relations services.


Offering PR and coaching services for leisure, retail, telecoms, health, lifestyle, and professional industries.

Tartan Silk

Presenting the company's specialties in public relations and event management services.

Tech Image Ltd.

Profile of the technology public relations agency with service information, news, and resources.


Company focused on public relations, marketing communications, and marketing services.

TechWire International

Gateway to information on global public relations and media relations services.

Text 100

Offers high technology in providing public relations services.

Thomas Public Relations, Inc.

Public relations services for consumer electronics, hardware, software, photography, wireless, and networking needs.

Thomson Communications

Company profile with information on offered public relations and marketing consulting services.

Tinsley PR

Offers services that provide public relations and marketing solutions to various companies.

Townsend Raimundo Besler and Usher

Offers public relations, public affairs and political consultation services.

Trainer Communications

Showcases an array of communication services. .

Traversant, Inc.

Offering various solutions to marketing communications needs.


Official website of the company presents details on communications and marketing services, staff, and case studies.


Offers corporate communications consultancy, public relations, advertising, and marketing services.

USA Marketing Associates

Offers services for public relations, website development, Internet marketing, creative design, international marketing and advertising needs.

Uschi Liebl PR

Provides a wide range of public relations services for German speaking markets of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Netherlands.

V2 Public Relations

Female-owned public relations firm focused on media relations, branding, training, marketing and public relations strategies.

Vander Houwen Public Relations

Online resource for news, information, and services pertaining to public relations.

Vanguard Communications

Details services that include strategic planning, media outreach, design and editorial, social marketing, and event management.

Velvet Communications

Public relations services include media placement, product launching, media training, crisis communications and media tours.

Verve Public Relations

Company devoted to providing services that include brand launching, event management, consumer PR, crisis management, and managing public perception.


Offers on-line public affairs, issues management and marketing support services.


Services include public relations, marketing communications, corporate communications, and interactive marketing.

VPR Group

Homepage of the company presenting information on various marketing and public relations services.

Waggener Edstrom Worldwide

Provides public relations services for the bioscience and healthcare industries.

Weber Shandwick Worldwide

Presenting the company's wide range of public relations and communications management services.

The White Publicist

Company dedicated to providing products and services for publicity campaigns.

Widmeyer Communications

Guide to company information with details on offered public relations services.

Wilcox Group

Company dedicated to providing crisis management, consulting, and public relations services to financial communications and healthcare industries.

Wolper and Ritter Consulting

Offers strategic planning, marketing, and communications consulting for unions, non-profits, and political candidates.

Wood Communications Group

Features solutions for community and media relations, crisis management, and public opinion research needs.

Word Association

Public relations and marketing consultancy for various public sector organizations.

Wordsworth Communications

Details services that include marketing planning, development, implementation, and reporting of public relations strategies.

Worldlink Media Consultants, Inc.

Contains information for public and media relations.

Wragg and Casas Public Relations

Showcases a wide range of public relations programs and services.


Company profile with information on provided marketing packages to various industries.


Offers public relations, marketing, and branding services for technology industries.


Offers strategic communications services that include public relations, government affairs, and crisis communications.

Yaeger Public Relations

Presents services that include media relations, advertising, crisis management, and web design.


Develops strategic concepts designed to appeal to kids and teens.

Zeppos and Associates, Inc.

Features specialties in public relations and government affairs services.

Zigman Joseph Stephenson

Offers public relations and issues management services.

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