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Separators, Distillation and Evaporation

  • 3V MABO

    Producer of thin film evaporators including wiped film evaporators and other special rotor units.

  • ACS Industries, LP

    Provides a full range of process column, tower, and vessel internals, custom finished mist eliminators, coalescer elements, fractionation trays, column packing, tray hardware, packing bed supports and limiters.

  • Alloy Products Corp.

    Offers portable pressure vessels or fixed pressure vessels manufactured to ASME and UN specifications and are used in a variety of sanitary, industrial and general purpose applications.

  • AMT International, Inc.

    Offers separation equipment and specialty process technologies for hydrocarbon processing industries.

  • Boardman Inc.

    Provides custom large scale metal fabrication with solutions for the automotive, aviation, chemical, defense, environmental, gas processing and refining industries providing vessels, columns, stacks and rotary dryers.

  • Buflovak LLC

    Specializes in produce research, testing, engineering design and manufacture of atmospheric dryers, vacuum dryers and cooling drum flakers for the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and waste treatment industries.

  • Buss-SMS-Canzler GmbH

    Supplier of thin film evaporation technology developing and manufacturing machines and plants for drying, evaporation, processing highly viscous materials and membrane filtration.

  • Chemical Design, Inc.

    A specialist in the design and fabrication of temperature swing adsorption packaged process equipment.

  • Graham Hart Limited

    Specialists in the design and manufacture of process plant and equipment for the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, process and energy industries.

  • H.S. Martin Inc.

    Produces laboratory and process glassware used for distillation, reaction, cryogenics and general scientific and research purposes.

  • InCon Processing LLC

    Builds customer plants using thin film evaporators, wiped film evaporators, short path evaporators, falling film evaporators, vacuum distillation, or molecular distillation.

  • Jaeger Products, Inc.

    Manufacturer of tower packing, trays and column internals used in all types of chemical processes and environmental applications.

  • Jensen Inert Products

    Manufacturer and distributor of non contaminating, chemically resistant products made of fluoropolymers, Tedlar, silicone and other inert materials used in analysis, sample collection, distillation, processing and product storage.

  • Koch-Glitsch, LP

    Offers high performance and conventional distillation trays, grid, structured and random packing in metal or plastic; tower internals, and replacement hardware for distillation, absorption, stripping and extraction columns.

  • Oregon Environmental Systems

    Offers products to support solvent recovery, focused on the recovery of waste solvents through distillation.

  • Southeastern Lab Apparatus, Inc.

    Manufactures and repairs top quality laboratory and scientific glassware for chemical, industrial, environmental research and educational laboratories.

  • TMC Industries, Inc.

    Contract manufacturing of equipment using molecular distillation as an intermediate or final step in the processing of edible oils, waxes, and specialty chemicals.

  • United Industries Group, Inc.

    Providing design, manufacture and installation of custom storage tanks and related systems for wet and dry industrial applications.

  • Vendome Copper & Brass Works, Inc.

    Custom manufacturer process equipment for chemical, distilling, brewing, confectionery, food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries.

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