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Industrial Knives and Blades

  • Adcut Knives inc.

    Manufacturers and distributors of precision knives and blades for the packaging and food processing industry.

  • Allied Machinery Group, Inc.

    Specializes in the repair of metal fabricating equipment, punch presses, shears and press brakes.

  • Allway Tools Inc.

    Providing blades, utility knives, snap-off knives, putty knives, scrapers, tape knives, saws and saw blades.

  • American Cutting Edge, Inc.

    Manufactures industrial blades, hand tools, utility knives, safety cutters, razor blades, surgical, ceramic and carbide blades, and machine blades and knives.

  • ASKO, Inc.

    Manufacturers shear knives, shear blades, slitter tooling, side trimmer knives, recycling, demolition and waste knives, saw blades, rotary pipe and tube cut off knives.

  • B.A.P. Manufacturing

    Custom manufacturing of specialty blades and edges serving various industries, including: medical, food processing, construction, hobby-related.

  • Baxter Verticut Inc.

    Manufacturer of metal cutting bandsaw machines for the industrial market.

  • Burris Machine Company, Inc.

    Providing score cut knives, circular knives, slitters, crush-cut knives and pneumatic knife holders to the converting industry.

  • California Knife & Blade

    Specialized in manufacturing custom blades and OEM industrial knives, industrial blades for a wide variety of converting industries as well as medical blades for medical industry.

  • CAMB Machine Knives

    Manufactures circular knives, top dished knives, bottom knives, toothed knives, straight knives, anvils, tray form blades, razor blades, shear blades, guillotine blades, granulator blades and carpet knives.

  • CB Manufacturing & Sales Co., Inc.

    Manufactures industrial knives and blades used in industries from converting, food production and packaging.

  • Cincinnati Knife Outlet Co. Inc.

    Manufactures inlaid paper trimmers, shear blades for metalworking, granulating and pelletizing knives, saw toothed cut-off knives.

  • Daily Saw Service

    Manufactures and sells cutting tools used in the metalworking, wood, plastics, paper, meat and other cutting and slicing operations.

  • Dakin Flathers

    Manufacturer and supplier of carbon bandsaw blades and bandknife blades, woodcutting bandsaw blades, bandknife manufacturers, bimetal bandsaw blades.

  • Delta Machine Knife Inc.

    Produces shear blades, machine knives and blade bolts.

  • Detroit Edge Tool Company

    Manufacturers machine ways and machine rails, shear blades and shear knives, wear plates and liners and machine knives.

  • Ferro-TiC SBC

    Manufactures components for severe wear applications using steel-bonded titanium carbide materials, screw and knives, punches and dies, wear parts.

  • Florida Knife Company

    Provides high performance machine knives and cutting accessories for the printing, paper, converting and manufacturing industries.

  • Göckel America

    Manufactures knife grinding machines for forest industries, wood veneer, chip, pulp and paper mills.

  • Hamilton Knife and Machine Inc.

    Manufactures circular and straight blades for the paper, film, and foil conversion industries, the tire and rubber conversion industry, and the textile and non woven materials conversion industries.

  • Heritage Knife Co.

    Manufactures packaging, paper, film, and foil converting machine knives from high carbon steels and stainless steels.

  • Hyd-Mech Group Ltd.

    Designs and manufactures heavy-duty band saw and material handling solutions.

  • J. Wenning Grinding & Supply Inc.

    Industrial machine knife regrind and sales facility for binderies, paper mills, converters, and the printing industries.


    Provides kinetic, orbital saw, microblade and sealcut blades for metals, food, products, wood, packaging, plastic, steel, tires or paper.

  • Kopess Manufacturing

    Manufactures industrial knives for the tissue, towel, diaper, and related paper industries.

  • Lancaster Knives, Inc.

    Manufacturer of industrial knives and machine parts, planer knives, paper knives, jointer knives, shear blades, wear plates, industrial knives, granulating knives, bed knives, fly knives, recycling knife, and rotator knives.

  • Lutz Blades

    Manufactures utility blade, custom, technical and specialty blades for industrial, surgical, food processing and other applications.

  • Razor Blade Company

    Provides industrial razor blades, machine blades machine knives and custom cutting solutions including contour, textile, utility and shaving blades.

  • Spare Parts Express

    Markets and manufacturers granulator knives and screens for granulator manufacturers.

  • Swiss Jewel Company

    Supplier of synthetic precision sapphire, ruby and glass components for industrial markets.

  • TGW International

    Produces industrial machine knives for the printing, paper, packaging, and processing industries.

  • Tru-Cut Saw Inc.

    Metal cutting circular saw blades for industrial applications.

  • Valley Grinding & Manufacturing

    Manufacturer of industrial machine blades and knives for paper, film and foil converting.

  • Wilson Machine Knife

    Manufactures and distributes replacement blades and textile knives and blades for all machine types.

  • Workblades, Inc.

    Manufacturer of centerless grinder blades and guides.

  • York Saw & Knife

    Manufactures precision saw blades and industrial machine knives.

  • Zenith Cutter Co.

    Manufactures industrial knives and blades for the corrugated, converting, plastics, recycling, tree care, roofing, textile and wood products industries.

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