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Gas Detection Products and Services

Acme Engineering Products Ltd.

Manufactures equipment designed to control ventilation systems in buildings, most notably through carbon monoxide (co) gas detection in underground parking garages.

Advanced Instruments Inc.

Manufacturer of analytical instrumentation specializing in the gas detection measurement of percent, ppm, ppb, and trace levels of oxygen.

Baseline – MOCON, Inc.

Providing toxic gas monitoring systems, air quality testing equipment, and top-of-the-line gas detection equipment and analyzing systems.

Boreal Laser Inc.

Develops, manufactures and markets a complete range of portable and fixed gas detection products for fugitive emissions, process control, and protection from gas hazards.

CEA Instruments, Inc.

Supplier of hazardous gas detection instrumentation with units available for monitoring toxic gases, combustible gases, and oxygen in pocket size as well as single and multichannel portable and fixed systems.

Certified Air Safety

Supplies gas detectors and gas calibration services for all gas detection and air safety requirements.


Provides carbon dioxide and gas meters, sensors, and monitors used by OEM manufacturers, students, scientists, and engineers.

Detcon, Inc.

Manufacturer of fixed gas detection sensors, control systems and process gas analyzers.

DOD Technologies

Providing sophisticated gas detection technologies to support the toxic gas monitoring needs of the semiconductor, specialty chemical, and polyurethane foam industries.

EnTech Supply

Wholesaler of Pro-Tech carbon monoxide detectors and commercial carbon monoxide monitors, Euroclean HEPA vacuums, and Bacharach CO testers, combustion analyzers and gas leak detectors.

ESP Safety Inc.

Provides safety products, specializing in gas and flame detection devices including combustible or toxic gas detectors, IR detectors, and accessories.

Global Detection Systems Corp.

Providing systems for oil and gas, chemical process, semiconductor, water and waste water and other industries requiring gas detection solutions for difficult and challenging environments.

Matheson Tri-Gas

Provider of specialty gases, gas handling equipment for gas detection, purification, management and control, safe delivery sources, and portable gas solutions.

Ozone Solutions

Providing agricultural, food processing and waste treatment facilities with ozone sensors to monitor ozone levels.

RAE Systems

Provider of rapidly deployable connected, intelligent gas detection systems that enable real-time safety and security threat detection.

RKI Instruments, Inc.

Manufacturer of gas monitoring equipment for utilities, mining, hazmat, shipping, transportation, telecom, refineries, offshore drilling platforms, petrochemical plants, parking garages, wastewater treatment, pharmaceuticals.

Sensidyne, LP

Manufacturer and distributor of gas detection and air sampling instrumentation and a supplier of gas detection tubes.

SKC Inc.

Manufactures air sampling equipment for professionals working in occupational and environmental health and safety and in indoor air quality.

TG Technical Services

Distributes and manufactures gas detection and environmental sampling equipment.

Zefon International, Inc.

A manufacturer and supplier of sampling equipment used to monitor indoor environmental, occupational health and safety conditions.

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