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Fiber Cordage

  • AAA Sling & Industrial Supply

    Specializes in wire rope, chain, nylon and wire mesh slings, industrial supplies and hardware for rigging, lifting, towing, fall protection, and cargo control.

  • Applied Fiber

    Developer of an advanced composite termination technology for all types of synthetic fiber cables.

  • Atkins & Pearce, Inc.

    Manufactures wick, yasr, cord and sleeving, lacing tapes and cords.

  • Atlantic Braids Ltd.

    Manufacturer of quality braided rope and cordage products.

  • Atwood Rope Mfg.

    Manufactures exotic braids to military, rescue, boating, general utility, custom, tow-line, ship yard, or decoration.

  • Buccaneer Rope Company

    Designing and manufacturing of climbing rope, dock line and nylon rope.

  • Canada Cordage Inc

    Manufacturer of cordage, including nylon, polyester, combination ropes, polypropylene, natural fibers and twine.

  • CeramSource, Inc.

    Supplier of refractory ceramic fiber products for industrial high temperature thermal insulation applications, ceramic fiber rope, ceramic fiber braid, ceramic fiber cloth, ceramic fiber tape, and ceramic fiber sleeving.

  • Consolidated Cordage Corporation, Inc.

    Manufacturer of various military specification, commercial and recycled rope, cord, twine, bungee, elastic, nets, narrow fabrics, and related assembly items.

  • The Cordage Institute

    International association of manufacturers, producers, and resellers of cordage, rope, and twine.

  • Crystal Coast Cordage

    Offering rope from twine sizes up to 2" in diameter available in 3-strand twisted construction, twin braided, hollow braided and solid braided.

  • Erin Rope

    Manufactures rope and cordage products.

  • G.P. Johnson & Associates, Inc.

    Supplier of engineered rope and cordage special braiding, diamond, double, cotton rope, nylon rope.

  • Guelph Twines Ltd.

    Specializes in the manufacturing of plastic twines, electrical cable fillers, and monofilament rope yarns.

  • Independent Twine Manufacturing Company

    Produces a wide range of polypropylene products including ropes and twines and technical tapes.

  • Industrial Rope Supply Company

    Provides wire rope, wire rope fittings, fiber rope, chain, nylon slings, and wire rope slings.

  • James Lever & Sons

    Manufacturers of polypropylene ropes, polypropylene twines, strings twines and cords.

  • Knot & Rope Supply

    A full line rope supplier specializing in cut to length and bulk rope, splicing shop.

  • Maritime Cordage Ltd.

    Manufacturer of high quality, braided synthetic rope designed for use in the commercial fishery, industrial and pleasure marine sectors.

  • Miami Cordage

    Manufacturer and distributor of rigging, nylon rope, stainless steel chain, stainless steel hardware, aircraft cable, dock lines, polyester rope, double braided rope and manila rope.

  • Mineral Seal Corporation

    Manufactures high temperature ceramic fiber textiles, tape, cloth, twisted rope, round and square braid.

  • National Braiding Industries

    Offering a range of braided, twisted and knit and braided cords and ropes.

  • Neocorp

    Supplier of high temperature textiles, gaskets and braid over wire jacketing.

  • Orion Ropeworks, Inc.

    Offers extrusion of standard and high performance olefin fibers, treatment, twisting and plying of co-polymer, nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and composite yarns.

  • Pacific Fibre & Rope Co. Inc

    Supplying rope ladders, cargo nets and steel cable for industrial, commercial, construction and household needs.

  • Pelican Rope Works

    Manufactures braided ropes, tree climbing ropes, marine ropes, fittings, swagers, cable assemblies, carabiners, snap hooks, oval sleeves.

  • Phillystran, Inc.

    Manufactures high tenacity fiber ropes, strands, braids and strength members from fiber.

  • Phoenix Rope and Cordage

    Manufactures synthetic twisted rope, natural twisted rope, double braid, diamond braid, solid braid, elastic shock cord, netting, cotton twine, accessories and hardware.

  • Pigeon Mountain Industries

    Manufacturer and supplier of ropes and associated rigging equipment for fire rescue, high angle work and rescue, search and rescue, water rescue, tactical operations, rope rescue, rope access and industrial safety and rescue.

  • Rocky Mount Cord Company

    Manufactures nylon cords, polyester, twisted cotton rope and sash, high technology fibers.

  • Ropes R Us Inc.

    Provides custom braiding for the US Government, auto, OEM suppliers, equestrian, marine and industrial operations.

  • Samson Rope Technologies, Inc.

    Developing and manufacturing high performance ropes for the marine industry.

  • US Netting

    Providing rope of all kinds for all kinds of uses, cut to order or by the spool, nylon rope, manila rope, climbing rope, polypropylene rope.

  • Wallace Cordage Company

    Manufacturer and supplier of twines, ropes and accessories.

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