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Industrial Magnets

  • Abel Magnets

    Manufacturer and supplier of industrial magnets, rare earth magnets, magnets for crafts and craft supplies including magnetic paper.

  • ACH Magnetics, Inc.

    Specialized in permanent magnet products and components, including ceramic (ferrite), Licensed NdFeB (Sintered and Bonded Neodymium magnets), Samarium Cobalt (SmCo), AlNiCo, and flexible magnet, soft ferrite and magnetic assemblies.

  • Adams Magnetic Products

    Capabilities for cutting, surface grinding, OD grinding, and ID grinding most magnet materials to print specifications. Also working with Wire-EDM facilities for cutting complex magnet shapes out of raw materials.

  • Amazing Magnets, LLC.

    Specialized in NdFeB magnets, but also have the capabilities to produce SmCo, ferrite, and rubberized magnet products.

  • Applied Magnets

    Providing strong neodymium magnets and industrial magnets, flexible magnetic materials, ceramic magnetic materials, samarium cobalt magnetic materials and AlNiCo magnetic materials.

  • Cullen-Legois Manufacturing Inc.

    Offers a line of precise and powerful magnetic tools, magnetic accessories and individual magnets.

  • The Electrodyne Company, Inc.

    Design and development of bonded permanent magnets.

  • Electron Energy Corporation

    Designs and manufactures high performance rare earth magnets and magnet assemblies.

  • International Magnaproducts Incorporated

    Magnet compositions include samarium cobalt, neodymium iron boron, strontium ferrite and alnico for computer, automotive, medical, electronics and communications applications.

  • Livonia Magnetics Company, Inc.

    A designer and manufacturer of metal scrap conveyor systems, conveyor components and permanent holding magnets.

  • Magnet Technology

    Manufacturer of custom flexible magnets in sheet, strip and cut-to-length, for advertising specialties, crafts, fastening devices, labeling identification systems.

  • Magnetic Aids, Inc.

    Specializing in the design and manufacture of magnetic office aids.

  • Magnetic Specialties, Inc.

    Providing permanent hoist magnets for lifting iron castings, plate and sheet steel.

  • Magnetool Inc.

    Manufactures multilifts, magnetic sweepers, magnetic filters, coolant filters, magnet material, electromagnets, rectifier controllers, demagnetizers, permanet magnet chucks.

  • Master Magnetics, Inc.

    Offers a selection of magnets and magnetic devices for oem, point-of-purchase, industrial and retail markets.

  • Polaris Rare Earth Materials, LLC

    Provider of rare earth materials and permanent magnets, as well as a manufacturer of magnet assemblies, sub-assemblies, and custom components.

  • Tengam Engineering, Incorporated

    A manufacturer of specialized, injection molded bonded ferrite and injection molded bonded neodymium magnets and molded magnetic assemblies.

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