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Corrosion Consultancy Services

  • Accurate Corrosion Control, Inc.

    Specializes in providing corrosion control materials and cathodic protection services.

  • Ammonite Corrosion Engineering Inc.

    Providing corrosion engineering, integrity management programs, evaluation of chemical treatment and applications, inspection procedures, inspectors, and materials selection advice to the oil and gas industry.

  • ARK Engineering

    Engineering and technical services in the broad areas of corrosion control, electrical engineering, AC electrical interference analysis, and cathodic protection.

  • Atlantic Consultants, Inc.

    Provides consulting services in the areas of corrosion, material selection, coatings and corrosion control for steel structures as well as reinforced and pre-stressed concrete structures.

  • Britt Engineering, Inc.

    Specializes in the application of fiberglass reinforced plastics for corrosion services in the pulp and paper, chemicals power and process industries.

  • Chapman Engineering

    An engineering and environmental services company offering civil and environmental engineering, corrosion protection, environmental assessment and corrective action, ground-water availability studies, and other consulting services.

  • CorrConsult

    Provides consulting and litigation support services in the areas of corrosion engineering, metallurgy, forensic science, and failure analysis.

  • Correng Consulting Service Inc.

    Specializes in providing corrosion consulting services to clients in the fields of oil and gas distribution, offshore facilities, electric power transmission, light rail systems, municipalities and government agencies.

  • Corrosion Probe, Inc.

    Providing design, quality control, quality assurance, condition evaluation, testing, failure investigation, and repair and rehabilitation engineering services.

  • Corrosion Testing Laboratories

    A full service corrosion testing, failure analysis, and materials evaluations facility, providing services to the chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, metal/material refinery, biomedical and other industries.

  • Dacco Sci, Inc.

    Provides services in corrosion engineering, materials technology and electrochemistry.

  • Datanet Engineering, Inc.

    Provides fuel systems, corrosion engineering, cathodic protection, construction and training.

  • ELK Engineering Associates, Inc.

    Provides corrosion engineering and electrical engineering specialty services.

  • Infinity Corrosion Group, Inc.

    Providing corrosion services to the water, energy, transportation, oil/gas industries, and other facilities.

  • J.H. Anspach Consulting

    Providing water, gas, and UST leakage detection, cathodic protection, and corrosion engineering.

  • JDH Corrosion Consultants, Inc.

    An engineering company specializing in providing corrosion consulting services to clients in the fields of water and wastewater treatment and transmission.

  • Jonas, Inc.

    Specializing in corrosion, steam, water and steam chemistry, failure analysis, boilers, turbines, life extension, and instrumentation.

  • KADLEC Associates Corrosion Engineers

    Offers consulting engineering services only in the specialized field of corrosion control and cathodic protection.

  • Lewis Engineering and Consulting

    Offering failure analysis, forensic engineering, materials and corrosion research services.

  • Mach3 Engineering Consultants

    Provides cathodic protection design, corrosion engineering control, transformer rectifier, cp system surveys and audits.

  • Metallurgical Consulting

    Providing routine failure analyses of small components to large projects involving extensive analysis and testing.

  • Metallurgical Technologies, Inc.

    Specializing in forensic failure analysis of metallurgical components.

  • MTL Engineering, Inc.

    Providing materials selection, corrosion analysis, and specifications reviews on metallurgy, corrosion, and welding issues.

  • NIXUS International Corporation

    Offers expertise in cathodic protection, corrosion control and pipeline rehabilitation.

  • Pair O Docs Professionals L.L.C.

    Specializes in anti-corrosion technology including electrochemical corrosion testing, corrosion inhibitor development, consulting on corrosion failures, and corrosion prevention and control.

  • Peter Elliott, Corrosion & Materials Consultancy, Inc.

    Provides consulting services in metallurgy, materials utilization, corrosion and high-temperature corrosion control.

  • Prime Testing, Inc.

    Provides laboratory testing support for geotechnical and corrosion engineering consultants.

  • Qualcorr Engineering

    Offers a full range of cathodic and corrosion protection services.

  • Russell Corrosion Consultants, Inc.

    Specializes in corrosion control via methods such as cathodic protection, corrosion surveys, soil/water testing, litigation support.

  • Southern Cathodic Protection Company

    Provides corrosion engineering services tooil and gas companies, utilities, government agencies, pipeline companies, storage facilities, airports, convenience stores and gas stations.

  • System Protection Services, Inc.

    Addressing corrosion related problems in the gas, electric, water and sewer industries.

  • Tinnea & Associates

    Specializing in controlling corrosion in reinforced concrete and marine environments.

  • United Engineering Consultants

    Specializing in coastal structures restoration and corrosion control.

  • V&A Consulting Engineers, Inc.

    Specializing in corrosion engineering, coatings system management, and sewer evaluation services.

  • VP-Spec Technologies Inc.

    Services include desalting operations and effluent treatment, optimizing desalting operations for extra heavy oil and bitumen in-situ production, industrial water treatment management.

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