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Surface Treating

  • A&B Deburring Company

    Offers equipment, supplies, and contract services for blast cleaning, shot peening, mass finishing, and parts washing.

  • Abrasive Finishing Industries

    Specializing in abrasive equipment and abrasive media.

  • Accuphase Metal Treating

    Provides vacuum hardening, vacuum annealing, vacuum normalizing, solution annealing, age hardening, stress relieving and neutral hardening.

  • Advance Metal Etching

    Provides photochemical etching for machining complex metal parts.

  • American Metal Treating

    Offers commercial heat treating services including high pressure quench vacuum processing, carburizing, -300°f cryogenic processing, nitriding, nitro-wear, annealing, austempering, stress relieving and ferritic nitro carburizing.

  • American Metal Treating

    Specializing in tooth by tooth contour induction hardening for parts such as gears, shafts and sprockets.

  • Blastec Inc.

    Manufactures custom-designed blast cleaning machines.

  • Canfield & Joseph, Inc.

    Stocking abrasives, blast media, tools, metal casting equipment, shot blasting equipment.

  • Dependable Metal Treating, Inc.

    Specializing in the heat treatment of powdered metal and carbon steels.

  • Donwell Company

    Applications of teflon coating and other industrial coatings.

  • East Carolina Metal Treating

    Provides normalizing, tempering, annealing, stress relieving, and age hardening, bright annealing and aging of steel, titanium, and copper alloys alloys in vacuum or protective atmosphere and hydrogen annealing of magnet iron and other steels.

  • Exotic Metal Treating Inc.

    Specializes in providing heat treating and brazing services on many alloys, including nickel and cobalt alloys, stainless steels, ph stainless steel, titanium, air hardening tools steels and carbon steel.

  • Grand Northern Products

    Provides equipment to companies whose needs are sandblasting and surface cleaning.

  • Great Lakes Metal Treating, Inc.

    Provides computer controlled atmospheric heat treatment, induction hardening and abrasives shot peening.

  • Hennigan Engineering Co., Inc.

    Provides hydrolasing, high pressure water jetting and related services to the nuclear, fossil, commercial and construction industries.

  • High Performance Systems

    Organic multicoat resin system for curtain wall atriums flagpoles and all construction projects.

  • IBC Coating Technologies Inc.

    Develops diffusion surface treatment technologies for anti-wear and anti-corrosion applications.

  • Industrial Metal Finishing, Inc.

    Provides a broad range of surface finishing and conditioning services, for small to mid-size parts, to the medical, aircraft, aerospace, electronics, energy and transportation industries.

  • Kamis Incorporated

    Manufacturer of sputtering targets and evaporation material for the thin filmcoating industry, stocking a large variety of crucibles, evaporation boats, pure metals.

  • Kemac Technology, Inc.

    Providing precision photo chemical machining, metal etching and finishing services.

  • Magnum Metal Treating Inc.

    Provides vacuum processing and ionitriding to carburizing and deep freezing.

  • Mechanical Finishing Inc.

    Provides mass finishing and controlled dimensional deburring for industrial companies.

  • Metal Surface Technologies LLC

    Offers aluminum anodizing, color anodizing, anodizing with teflon, hardcoat anodizing, black oxide for copper, steel and stainless steel, electroless nickel plating on aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, steel and stainless steel.

  • Metal-Tek, Inc.

    Heat treating services include age hardening, annealing, quench and temper, gas carburizing, induction hardening, magnetic particle inspection and precipitation hardening.

  • Omega Metal Treating, Inc.

    Performs case hardening, surface hardening, quench and tempering, flame hardening annealing, and cast iron salvage and structure transformation processing.

  • Peen-Rite, Inc.

    Offering shot peening, glass bead, and abrasive blasting services.

  • Quality Steel Treating

    Providing heat treating, brazing and metal processing services.

  • Saran Industries, LP

    A full-service supplier in the industrial finishing and custom processing of forgings, castings and machined parts.

  • Southwest Metal Treating

    Offers heat treating metal quenching, induction heat treating, metallurgic testing and abrasive metal cleaning.

  • Superior Shot Peening, Inc.

    Providing shot peening, phosphating, powder and liquid coating, metallizing, salt bath heat treating and passivation.

  • Valley Metal Treating, Inc.

    Specializes in the heat treatment of alloy and stainless steels, tool steels, and copper alloys.

  • Vectron Deburring

    Specializing in thermal deburring, electro-chemical deburring (ECD) and other surface treatment and cleaning services.

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