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Powder Coating Services and Supplies

  • Absolute Powder Coating

    A full service powder coating and industrial sandblasting facility providing service to commercial, private, marine, architectural and industrial clients.

  • Acme Finishing Company Inc.

    Expertise includes racking, masking, silk screening, assembly and packaging.

  • Advanced Coating

    Specializing in contract services of parylene conformal coatings for military and commercial electronics systems and medical devices.

  • AkzoNobel Powder Coatings

    Manufacturer of powder coatings, and providing powder coatings technology.

  • AmeriCoats

    Offers a full line of high-performance, high-temperature and functional powder coatings, decorative and fashion oriented products.

  • ArmorTech Powder Coating

    Provides automotive powder coating, including wheels and rims powder coating, motorcycle powder coating, bicycle and bicycle frame powder coating and an array of boating and marine, and industrial powder coating.

  • Automatic Coating Limited

    Provides services in industrial powder coating, grit blasting services, corrosion protection, custom fabrication, metal coatings and laboratory services.

  • Cardinal Industrial Finishes

    Manufacturer of high quality liquid and powder industrial coatings.

  • Coatings Plus Powder Coating, Inc.

    Offers industrial powder coating services.

  • Crest Coating, Inc.

    Offers teflon coating, screen printing, custom powder coating.

  • Custom Powder Coating

    Providing custom powder coating finish for sports cars, custom choppers, sport bikes, dirt bikes, four wheelers, race karts and classic automobiles.

  • Drake Coatings, Inc.

    Offers in house media blasting and can handle parts up to 20' long by 8' high and 8' wide in house.

  • Erie Powder Coating

    Applying epoxy, vinyl, nylon, polyethylene, urethane and polyester coating powders.

  • Extreme Powder Coating

    Provides powder coating services for automobile and motorcycle body and engine parts and for a range of products made of metal and ceramic.

  • G&C Coatings and Industrial Services

    Provides industrial and commercial coatings, blasting treatments and fireproofing solutions for heavy equipment, steelwork, components and more.

  • Houston Powder Coating

    Providing powder coating, abrasive blasting, passivation, phosphate coatings.

  • Ingham’s Powder Coating

    Powder coats car, truck and motorcycle wheels, automobile and truck parts, motorcycle frames, outdoor lawn furniture, metal chairs and benches, antiques, milk cans, metal signs, golf course equipment sprint cars and trailers.

  • Kranz Powder Coating Services LLC

    A small custom job shop that applies powder coatings and Cerakote liquid ceramic coatings.

  • Perma-Finish, Inc.

    Specializing in large production runs for manufacturers of consumer products, automotive, architectural, clean rooms, construction, residential, commercial, electronic cabinetry.

  • Powder 365

    Online sales of supplies for the powder coating industry, including guns, ovens, additives, metal flakes, powder, and ceramics.

  • Powder Coat America, LLC.

    Offers a variety of colors and finishes from high, medium or low gloss as well as metallic, textured and two toned vein finishes.

  • Powder Coating Plus

    Provides parts cleaning, powder coating and silk screening.

  • Powder Coating Services, Inc.

    Provides powder coating and electrocoating of parts for manufacturers and businesses.

  • Powder Coating Specialties Inc.

    Specializes in custom application of thermal set and thermal barrier powdercoatings for commercial, retail, restoration, and motorsports.

  • Powdercoat Services Inc.

    Offers powdercoating of metal, manufactured wood, ceramics, glass and conductive plastics.

  • Precision Powder Coating

    Providing powder coating services for cars, motorcycles and patio furniture.

  • Prince Wheel Services

    Specializing in professional alloy wheel repair and refurbishing.

  • Qualicoat, Inc.

    Applying decorative and functional coatings to a variety of metals and plastics.

  • Schafer Powder Coating

    Powder coating automotive, pipe and tubing, ornamental railing and fence, computer cabinets, stampings, sheet metal fabrications and weldments, lighting, furniture and die cast parts.

  • Skagit Powder Coating, Inc.

    Powder coating wheels, bike frames, motorcycle frames and parts, gates, airplane parts, patio furniture, antique beds, sprint car frames and sprint car panels.

  • Sundial Powder Coating

    Specializing in rims, patio furniture, fencing and metal products.

  • Techno-Coat, Inc.

    Provider of industrial powder coating services for many products including die castings, steel tube fabrications, aluminum extrusions, stampings, wire goods and sheet metal parts.

  • Westside Finishing Company, Inc.

    Providing powder coating, silk screening, pad printing, trucking, sub assembly, final packaging.

  • Williams-Hayward Protective Coatings, Inc.

    Manufacturer and marketer of adhesives, sealants, coatings, paints, powder coatings and other specialty chemical products.

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