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Plating and Metal Finishing, General Services

Accurate Precision Plating, LLC

Specializing in industrial metal finishing with high precision close tolerance plating in precious metals.


Providing metal finishing including anodizing, electroplating, black chrome, black oxide, electroless nickel, electropolish, chromating, passivating, nadcap plating, rohs compliant finishes phosphating and dry film lubrication.

AOTCO Metal Finishing Co., Inc.

Offers a broad range of metal finishes, ferrous and non-ferrous materials, titanium, kovar, invar, molybdenum, aluminum beryllium metal, thermkon(tungsten copper), pure beryllium, beryllium oxide, niobium, and AlSiC (aluminum silicon carbide).

Badger Anodising UK

Providing anodising polishing and plating metal finishes specialising in small components.

C. H. Thompson Co. Inc.

Offers Type II and Type III sulfuric acid anodizing, chemical conversion coatings, european union compliant coatings, iridite, zinc phosphate, passivation, and teflon impregnation.

Component Surfaces, Inc.

Providing electroless gold plating and related processing services.

Electroplate-Rite Corp.

An electroplating job shop that specializes in all types of metal finishing, from standard plating like zinc, zinc iron, chrome, nickel, copper, brass, tin and silver.


Electroplating and metal finishing of aerospace, military, automotive, medical, telecommunication and mechanical components.

General Magnaplate

Provides surface enhancement coatings engineered to provide metal parts and other substrates with corrosion and chemical resistance, super hardness and dry lubrication.

General Metal Finishing

Supplying rack and barrel gold electroplating services to stamping, machining and glass-to-metal seal companies.

General Metal Finishing

Supplying rack and barrel gold electroplating services to stamping, machining and glass-to-metal seal companies.

Godfrey & Wing, Inc.

Services include superior casting impregnation, shot peening, shot blasting, steel grit blasting, anaerobic sealants, CFi (continuous flow impregnation), die casting services, vibratory deburring, and chromate conversion coating.

GunBlack Inc.

Specializes in the black plating of steel, cast iron, ductile, brass and bronze.

Hill Cross Company

Specializing in electronic parts, delicate small parts, product development, semiconductor, microwave, RF.

Jake Services Ltd

Services include passivation, metal cleaning, pickling, metal arc spraying, tank cleaning, tank painting, corrosion inspection coating, domestic iron work, metal flame spraying.

Keystone Automatic Technology Inc.

A manufacturer of high quality, precision parts made from most metals.

The Lindgren Group

Provides chemical finishing, electroplating, mechanical finishing and laser part marking.


Offers metal treatment, heat treating, hardening, tempering, carburizing, metallurgical consulting, cryogenic treatment.

Micro Metal Finishing, LLC

Provides high volume metal finishing services for a wide range of industries including the automotive, appliance, tool and fastener industries.

Plate All Metal Company

Providing metal plating services to the automotive, construction, military and general industrial markets.

Prodigy Surface Tech

Providing Metal Finishing of copper, electroless nickel, gold, nickel, palladium, platinum, rhodium, wafer plating.

Providence Metallizing Company

Offering electroplating on plastic and metal, highly reflective coatings, EMI/RFI shielding, thin film sputtering, decorative and cosmetic vacuum metallizing.

Reliable Plating Corp.

Provides electroplating, electroless plating and rohs compliant metal finishing, serving the aerospace, automotive, communications, electronic, marine, military, and commercial manufacturing sectors.

Rykon Plating

Services include tin (bright and matte), nickel, silver, gold, copper, and tin-lead. Rack and barrel processing available in most processes. Hydrogen embrittlement relieving and solder testing also available.

Star Metal Plating, Inc.

Metallizing and plating many types of films in roll form, by using the method of evaporative vacuum deposition of aluminum wire.

Surface Techniques, Inc.

Specializing in metal plating, metal anodizing and metal coating surfaces.

Techmetals, Inc.

Provides engineered and functional metal finishing, anodizing, plating, electro-polishing, and coating processes.

Valley Plating Works, Inc.

Specializing in chrome plating, nickel plating, zinc plating, as well as barrel and rack zinc plating.

Vanguard Research Industries

Providing mask technology capable of producing multiple stripes in a single pass, plating similar or different metal coatings in the same pass.

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