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Chrome Plating

  • ABC Chrome

    Provides metal restorative services to strip rust, old chrome, nickel, paint and copper.

  • Advanced Plating Inc.

    Providing show chrome, polishing, black chrome, gold plating, chrome plating, auto accessories.

  • Allied Finishing, Inc.

    Provides chrome plating, decorative plating and metal finishes to a variety of industries.

  • Atlas Plating

    Offering chrome plating or mirror polishing on aluminum wheels, car and motorcycle parts, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and magnesium.

  • California Chrome Wheel Inc.

    Specializing in alloy chrome wheel plating for Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, and Mercedes-Benz.

  • Central Florida Plating

    Supplying hard chrome plating services for components subjected to dynamic and environmental forces, servicing aircraft, military, medical machinery repair, oil field, food processing and water transport industries.

  • Century Plating, Inc.

    Automated plating systems that can nickel and chrome plate on steel, stainless steel or brass.

  • Chromal Plating Company

    Providing provider of hard chrome plating, honing, magnetic particle inspection, nital etch, passivation, penetrant inspection, shot peening and /or cadmium plating.

  • The Chrome Shop

    Offers plating of copper, nickel, decorative chrome and hard chrome on aluminum, brass, copper, steel, stainless steel and zinc die castings.

  • Chromium Plating Company

    Providing roll manufacturing, hard chrome plating, precision grinding, roll grinding, wheels, re-chrome wheels, bright chrome, black chrome, black oxide, vapor degreasing, glass beading.

  • Classic Chrome Company

    Services include the complete restoration and repair of aluminum, stainless, and pot metals.

  • Classic Components, Inc.

    Providing motorcycle and car chrome plating and repair damaged chrome plated wheels.

  • CRC Chrome

    Provides precision hard chrome plating services to machine tools, valves and pumps, bearings, aircraft, hydraulics, plastic and rubber molds.

  • Custom Metal Finishing Indiana LLC

    A chrome restoration shop focusing on custom triple plating and polishing services, from bolts to bumpers.

  • Decorative Industrial Plating

    Performs metal finishing on all basic and most exotic metals, including pot metal.

  • Duray Plating Company

    Certified for plating to military specifications, doing work for commercial aviation and the defense end of the nuclear industry, as well as the medical industry. Parts handled range from diesel fuel injectors and hydraulic pistons to specialized boring tools and pultrusion dies.

  • Eastern Plating

    Providing chrome plating, copper plating, silver plating and all types of metal plating.

  • Electro-Tech, Inc.

    Specializes in hard chrome plating of molds, dies, tools, jigs, and fixtures. Specialties include flash and smoke chrome plating, and chrome build-up for the salvage and repair of mismachined or worn tools and molding components.

  • Excaliber Polishing & Plating Inc.

    Specializes in motorcycle frames, swing arms, tailpipes, triple trees, and most all motorcycle parts.

  • Hard Chrome Plating

    Specialist hard chrome plating and grinding company serving the gas, electric and brewing industries, motor vehicle and cycle production, industrial and manufacturing industries.

  • High Tech Chrome Plating, Inc.

    Provides industrial hard chrome plating, hydraulic cylinder plating and repair.

  • Huntington Plating Incorporated

    Specializing in high quality nickel, chrome and silver electroplating, precision machining, hydraulic cylinder repair and manufacturing.

  • Indianhead Plating

    Source for industrial hard chrome plating and cylindrical grinding.

  • Industrial Plating Company

    Applies chrome and ceramic finishes that comply with very critical specifications and standards.

  • Lakeside Custom Plating Inc.

    Specializing in chrome plating and brass plating for classic, muscle, vintage, and antique cars, motorcycles, and boats.

  • Like Chrome Polishing

    Polishing services include household goods, car parts, marine boat parts.

  • Meclec Metal Finishing

    Polishing and Show Chrome Plating for the Motorcycle Industry.

  • Milwaukee Plating Company

    Specializes in copper plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, silver plating and zinc plating, along with a full complement of metal finishing services.

  • Nutmeg Chrome Corporation

    Provides chrome plating, electroless nickel plating and engineering nickel plating as well as custom metal coating and polishing of molding components.

  • Paramount Chrome Wheels

    Specializes in providing high quality chrome rim plating products and services to chrome wheel distribution companies and the public.

  • Plating Resources, Inc.

    Provides services to companies that are looking to installing a plating system in their plant.

  • Quality Plating

    Plating all metals including restoring pot metals, auto bumpers and repair to a show finish, auto and motorcycle rims.

  • Smith Plating

    Provides decorative chrome plating for antiques, automotive and motorcycle parts.

  • South Shore Plating Co., Inc.

    Specialize in antique restoration, restaurant interiors and personal hobbies, cars, boats, motorcycles, trophies, and home decor.

  • Superior Chrome Plating

    Provides chrome plating, nickel plating and polishing services.

  • U.S. Chrome

    Specializing in hard chrome plating on aluminum and titanium.

  • Worldwide Chrome Plating

    Specializes in decorative plating and polishing on cars, rims, motorcycles and door hardware.

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